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Fragment 107 Insight

Delays are going to be rampant this season, I feel. I apologize, but sometimes things grow out of control, and priorities are priorities. This was a tricky fragment to work on, mostly because it covers three distinct but equal perspectives as one. Balancing all… Continue Reading “Fragment 107 Insight”

Fragment 101 Insight

Vlad had a rather weird predicament with his fragment. There wasn’t really a distinctive moment in his development compared to most other servants I’ve shown, so his entry wound up feeling pretty mellow and ordinary. It’s far from out of place in a Slice… Continue Reading “Fragment 101 Insight”

Fragment 91 Insight

Were you expecting Diarmuid with the teaser when it wound up being Fionn? It’s almost like I designed it to be some sort of spook. This one felt harder to write for me. Probably a combination of things. Less sleep, busier schedule, and a… Continue Reading “Fragment 91 Insight”

Fragment 79 Insight

Most servants come bringing a bag of problems they slowly learn to sort out. Thanks to Parvati’s combination with Sakura, there was no timidness to get in the way though. With the gifted resolve and drive, it made for a unique possible spin on… Continue Reading “Fragment 79 Insight”

Fragment 75 Insight

Originally Blackbeard had this slot, but the running gags with Ereshkigal after the Christmas event presented an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. You know them: The joke she just got to Chaldea when all of a sudden she got sent back with the other… Continue Reading “Fragment 75 Insight”

Fragment 74 Insight

This one will be a bit longer because to be honest: Writing Brynhildr is very difficult. I’d honestly have an easier time writing about one of the maddened berserkers. Tricky is the best way to describe this entire fragment. Brynhildr’s situation is extremely tricky, and it… Continue Reading “Fragment 74 Insight”

Fragment 69 Insight

Back when the series first started as a simple fic, someone posted a recommendation for it on the reddit. Someone then joked there should be some sort of porn scene, and I offhandedly commented back that will be Fragment 69. Well, it wasn’t shown,… Continue Reading “Fragment 69 Insight”

Fragment 62 Insight

First: Yes, I know Jack and Nursery Rhyme have been getting quite a bit of screen time. Unfortunately, if I need to involve “adorable little kids”, they fit the bill much better compared to the usually more mature Illya and Kuro (especially Kuro). It’s… Continue Reading “Fragment 62 Insight”

Fragment 50 Insight

A fair bit of female fanservice here. I do give a shout out to both demographics, don’t forget! All throughout the Bablyonia Singularity, it was only about dealing with Kingu. This time, it’s about learning how the real Enkidu has adapted to his new… Continue Reading “Fragment 50 Insight”

Fragment 39 Insight

I wanted to play around with the idea about anger management. Based on Leonidas’ profile, he made a perfect fit for a rather mundane piece of everyday life. Most people relieve stress in some manner, and I thought that’s just what the lancer could… Continue Reading “Fragment 39 Insight”