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Fragment 115 Insight

I revised this fragment more times than I can count. Honestly never had this much issue writing an entry before, but Skyler was a thin line of success and a miss. He’s not supposed to feel cliché, even if everything created these days is… Continue Reading “Fragment 115 Insight”

Fragment 114 Insight

Slowly but surely the fic advances a bit further. Mostly slowly. D’Eon was a bit of a curveball in terms of how I got to focus the fragment. I really wanted to capitalize on their spying attribute to offer a showcase of all the… Continue Reading “Fragment 114 Insight”

Fragment 112 Insight

A second entry for Caesar and Cleopatra, by virtue of the original being split and robbing both of them of a full fragment. Now they both ‘have’ one fragment each. Event fragments usually wind up feeling a bit wonky. This one in particular felt… Continue Reading “Fragment 112 Insight”

Fragment 111 Insight

An odd pick for Christmas, but we’re so often used to seeing it from our point of view that I thought an Oni’s take would be just as interesting. Not too far off either since Ibaraki enjoys festivals, but she’d have her own blend… Continue Reading “Fragment 111 Insight”

Fragment 110 Insight

While it was easy enough to make Nursery Rhyme’s another sugar-overload fragment, I wanted it to be a blend of other possibilities too. Nothing sad for the holidays, but enough to show Nursery Rhyme’s many other potential sides since she’s not exactly a true… Continue Reading “Fragment 110 Insight”

Fragment 109 Insight

Nero was a bit of a hit and miss fragment to write with some annoyances. One annoyance being that regardless of how I write it, there’s bound to be those will complain the fragment is just “shilling Nero like everything else is.” Even if… Continue Reading “Fragment 109 Insight”

Fragment 108 Insight

Rather tricky one to balance and keep contained considering it offered a glimpse into FoC’s version of Onigashima. I believed this variation of the event would prove to be a mixed way to poke development into two arcs at once, even if Raikou’s wasn’t… Continue Reading “Fragment 108 Insight”

Fragment 107 Insight

Delays are going to be rampant this season, I feel. I apologize, but sometimes things grow out of control, and priorities are priorities. This was a tricky fragment to work on, mostly because it covers three distinct but equal perspectives as one. Balancing all… Continue Reading “Fragment 107 Insight”

Fragment 106 Insight

Special Thanks to Mod 「」 on the discord for doing extra validity checks, and Happy Birthday! If this entry felt very confusing, repetitive, and rambling in philosophy… Congrats. That was the point: To be a near-pointless, philosophical merry-go-round. Strange, no? When you pick up… Continue Reading “Fragment 106 Insight”

Fragment 105 Insight

I’ve been looking forward to writing this fragment for a long while, so much so that the early plants setup were first laid around Shinjuku singularity. I wanted to have a few key actors in place before I could spin this turning point fragment,… Continue Reading “Fragment 105 Insight”