Rooms and Luxuries

After the Fuyuku Incident, Chaldea has grown in size and offerings. Though much of the facility remains, it resembles far more of a small town than the purpose-built facility of its early days. Many looknig within would find these as unnecessary luxuries, but the Chaldeans would argue they did wonders for keeping their morale and spirits high in such trying times. Whatever one thinks, the accommodations and luxuries were here to stay, and if anything, were still growing by the number.

Below is a list of the many different rooms featured in Fragments of Chaldea. They are split into three separate districts for organization purposes: Original Chaldea, Mount Meru Interior, and the Port District.

As a note, though some areas have a definitive spot in Chaldea, creating a map would be far too time consuming. A concept map of some areas may appear at one point or another, but don’t expect a full CAD-level layout.

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: I’ll be adding more rooms and expanding descriptions as I get the chance. Consider this a WIP, so do not inform me about missing rooms.

Original Chaldea

Alchemical Room
One of the few public workshops for magecraft since personal workshops for Chaldean staff mages was restricted to one’s room. It and its adjacent warehouse keep a large inventory of special ingredients for use in creating potions.

A place often frequented only by the employees and robots that operate it, or the kitchen staff. Its vast space once grew emergency plant-based foods for Chaldea. It has since expanded to provide even more vegetables, fruits, and more for Chaldea. Its plants and flowers were often pollinated and grown naturally, but given magecraft and technological supplements deemed healthy.

Camelot Room
A renovated an unused room located at the same intersection as Salon de Marie. It was a fairly sizable gift room to Arturia and her knights after the terrible ordeal in the Sixth Singularity. Its centerpiece is a large round table where guests can sit as they please and enjoy food or games. It houses several artifacts, souvenirs, photos, and gifts on its many display shelves, including Caliburn.

Control Room
This smaller room ensures all leyshift operations are handled accordingly. From within, leyshift personnel are able to use surveillance equipment to assist the masters with information gathering. They’re also able to use Chaldeas and other assets to search for hidden singularities.

Da Vinci’s Workshop
Located on the other side of the hallway from the Medical Bay. It serves both as Da Vinci’s personal workshop for her experiments and as her delegated office as Chaldea’s current director. It includes several secret dimensional spaces that keep some of Chaldea’s greatest treasures under lock and key, including any retrieved minor grails.

Deployment Room
It’s less of a room and more of a massive underground chamber. It is on the lowest level of Chaldea, but takes up most of that level as one of the largest room. Its countless panels hide thaumatergical and scientific hybrid components to power Chaldea’s leyshift system, which has seen significant upgrades over time. It also harnesses energy to ensure Chaldeas, the large room’s centerpiece, operates correctly. It is directly connected to the Control Room.

Furniture Department
A large workshop that formerly served as a meeting place for Chaldea’s repair teams. It is now a full fledged workshop dedicated to producing or refurbishing quality furniture for staff and servants to enjoy. It is directly connected to two large warehouses used for quick access to raw or finished material.

On a fairly-sized raised outcrop outside Chaldea. It houses the hastily made coffins and leyshift coffins of the late personnel. Tombstones mark the graves, and newer ones were added after the final showdown with Goetia.

One of Chaldea’s original luxury rooms. It’s a place for Chaldean staff to keep muscle atrophy at bay with regular exercise. The circular room offers a full indoor track, weight room equipment, and other fitness equipment.

The Kitchen
A large room within Salon de Marie that provided cooked meals for the both it and the former cafeteria. Since the cafeteria’s renovation with the salon’s expansion, the kitchen and its pantry have also grown bigger. It houses more than enough room, staff, and servants to provide Chaldea with the highest quality dishes possible.

One of Chaldea’s only original luxury rooms. It existed both as a way to showcase prestige, promote learning, and offers some form of entertainment for the staff since vacations were rare. It is now a full-fledged library with rotating inventory that is catered to by a group of dedicated servants.

Medical Bay
A medium-sized hospital complete with dedicated robotic staff. It contains a waiting area and plenty of specialized room for the injured. Chaldean servants who received damage heal faster if they stay in one of the rooms due to a foresight design. The vast majority of cases are staff-related, but include standard checkups and physicals.

The Pyramid
A room created after Ozymandias used his golden ticket as a favor. It’s designed in the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt, and feature a long banquet table at its heart. There’s few other offerings, but it acts as a prestigious lounge for those of high standing. It’s one of the less frequented rooms since it lies close to Salon de Marie, but it often hosts big parties for selected guests.

R & D Facility
Originally the Robotics Hanger, this large renovated section houses offices for resident geniuses, a lobby with museum-like displays, and an expanded Robotics Facility which caters to Chaldea’s massive autonomous workforce. It also includes an elevator to the experimentation rooms at a lower floor.

Reactor Rooms
Chaldea runs on a specialized system of hybrid reactors. These generators are able to provide Chaldea all the energy it needs by running off geothermal energy and circulating the high amounts of mana present on Mount Meru. Though they’re similar in design, the main reactor near the heart of Chaldea rivals the Summoning Chamber for size. The smaller backup generators are scattered at lower levels of the facility.

Recording Studio
A fairly small section currently containing a small lobby, radio room, and different sized recording suites. Its soundproof walls offer pristine sound recording. From the sound control board in the lobby, it’s possible to broadcast live to the rest of Chaldea over its intercom system. Currently, it does not see much use outside of the interested musicians and singers.

Residential District
This is the designated area of all the living quarters, which has seen lots of expansion due to its position near the side of the facility. It’s a large grid of rooms to accommodate the Chaldean staff, and now servants. There’s a separate corridor for the most luxurious rooms, which some servants have claimed for themselves. Rooms in the new expansion areas lack some of the original Chaldean aesthetic, but offer larger sizes for families who wish to move, or needier servants and guests.

The Roman Theater
Originally the Auditorium, it received an upgrade and gained the aesthetic glamour fit for Rome. Its red and gold design closely resembles Nero’s noble phantasm, which was very much the intent. It rivals Salon de Marie for luxury, but not offered comfort. Plays, weekly movie nights, and meetings involving all of Chaldea are hosted here.

Salon de Marie
Chaldea’s original room of grand luxury, and the first real expansion after the Fuyuki Incident. After the final confrontation, it has merged with the cafeteria to provide both the perfect luxurious dining experience and lounge. True to its nature, its aesthetics and air make it feel like a grand French palace. It offers a bar, five star dining section, bathrooms, classical music, a ballroom section, palace-style balcony with curving stairs for photos, and plenty of seating.

Strategy Center
Sometimes called the Intel Hub. This used to be the dedicated, former meeting place prior to any leyshift deployment. It still serves as a physical documents archive. It’s also a formal gathering place when Chaldea’s council or director need to have a meeting with the representatives from both the UN and the Mage’s Association.

Summoning Chamber
A fairly large room at the heart of Chaldea, big enough to house hundreds of curious spectators, though not comfortably. It houses the Fate System, which allows Chaldea a chance to possibly call forth a new servant at a high cost of energy. The system has gone over several upgrades since the Fuyuki Incident and is far more efficient.

The Graveyard
To save on space during the post-Fuyuki chaos, bodies were hastily buried in small graves outside of Chaldea. Some graves and epithets have been redone with proper tombstones and markings to better honor the dead. The bodies of those who die in Chaldea are still buried here while also being recorded in Memorial Hall.

The Training Grounds
Originally a plateau used by the UN as a landing zone, it has since been repurposed as a sparring area for servants. Organized training sessions occasionally take place here.

The Vault
Located near the Summoning Chamber, this fortified and constantly guarded room houses most of Chaldea’s rare and valuable items. This is most commonly known as the storage space where generated saint quartz is stored prior to expenditure. It used to have a constant servant guard, but not it has a specialized, multi-layer bounded field Da Vinci can open.

Organized into various sections and categories. Some sections are temperature controlled and include massive freezers for storing meats. A lot of acquired material and supplies are kept here, including belongings of late Chaldean staff.

Mount Meru Interior

Commissioned and completed after Chaldea obtained independence, the Agora is Chaldea’s equivalent of a mall or marketplace. It’s designed similar to the Greek spaces of a long gone era, and has the marble aesthetics and open air (thanks to a Sunscape ceiling) of its predecessor. It’s still growing with offerings, but places like the Classroom, Chapel, and Stitch Withes’ Storefront can be found here. It is directly connected to Memorial Hall and the Arcade.

Completed as part of a small expansion to the resort, the arcade is the completely furnished home for the Chaldean gamers. It features a wide array of obtained arcade machines, monitors for consoles, and board games. After Chaldea’s reemergence into its proper space, the former Gaming Room was changed back into a storage closet.

Barber Shop
Formerly located in main Chaldea but moved to the second floor of the Agora. A comfortable room that mimics a typical haircutter store, complete with barber pole. Some servants assist robots with cutting, cleaning, and stylizing hair with its newly acquired amenities.

Located on the Agora’s ground floor. A small gathering place for resident Christians. It was originally a flexible room in Chaldea itself, but is now its own standalone place of worship. It is the largest religious room in its corridor.

Cavern Network
A series of connected and winding caves and caverns that provide an alternate scenic exercise route or walking path between the resort and Chaldea proper. It also houses some servant dens for those who were more interested in its thematic.

Located on the Agora’s ground floor. A small space dedicated to teaching various subjects to Chaldea’s children. Its head teacher is Jaguarman, but guest teachers like Helena, Da Vinci, and more are invited from time to time to assist.

Club Cove
Originally the Party Cave bar, it was renovated to become the lounge and entrance hall to Fantasia Resort. It houses an improved, larger dance floor, 24/7 aquarium bar, and plenty of plush booths. It is often chosen to host parties or special classes like Mata Hari’s dance lessons.

Elsa’s Therapeutic Office
A small, two-room suite on the second floor of the Agora. Its thick, soundproof walls help patients relax.

Fantasia Resort
Chaldea’s largest space at more than two kilometers in diameter. With its illussionary curtain, faux-weather, white sand beach, changing rooms, and relaxing offerings, it perfectly resembles a tropical island. Since its inception, it has remained the most well-loved space in Chaldea.

Faux Ocean
Often called the ocean, it is the large body of water that makes up the vast majority of Fantasia Resort. It has seen upgrades including automata sealife and faux coral reefs to enhance its crystal-clear water. As an artificial body of water within Mount Meru, it’s barely a dozen meters deep at its deepest. Behind the resort’s illusionary curtains, a wave machine produces a natural tide.

A large pier that juts out from one side of the resort, opposite of Tropicana Forest. It has a few expansion docks to house Chaldea’s small fleet of personal boats. Large schools of small automata fish are known to take shelter beneath it.

Massage Building
A fairly sized Cabana-style structure that sits comfortably over Tropicana Forest’s canopy to allow guests to view the resort in all its splendor. Some servants are volunteer masseuses, but there is a group of dedicated robots available most of the day.

Mini Playground
Located in the resort between Club Cove and the Tropical Flower Gardens. It’s a quaint little playground that offers a modest amount of equipment. It sees occasional use for picnics.

Memorial Hall
Located between Fantasia Resort and the Agora and commissioned by Gilgamesh. One of the largest rooms in Chaldea with more room to grow further into the mountain. Its luxurious interior houses countless photos, memories, and even cenotaphs as a shrine to everything Chaldea has endured.

Outdoor Cafeteria
Sheltered by a large, Cabana-style canopy, this place has become Chaldea’s hub for breakfast, lunch, and weekend dinners. It houses more than enough cafeteria tables to house triple of Chaldea’s current population very comfortably. Several grills on the adjacent lawn help fulfill the buffet-style offerings.

Stitch Witches’ Storefront
Located on the Agora’s ground floor. This is the former Clothing Department’s new workshop which features a designer line created by Naomi and Medea. It features a rotating list of available clothing as well as refurbished clothes acquired from singularities.

Tropical Flower Gardens
Located in Fantasia Resort, just outside of the Tropicana Forest. Plenty of thin, grassy paths snake through a rainbow of colorful tropical flowers. Countless living butterflies make this place their home. There’s grassy spots where guests can sit and relax in comfort.

Tropicana Forest
Located to one side of the resort’s shore, direct opposite of the Marina. Its a large peninsula that offers several, natural paths through its length. Automata birds make its thick vegetation and sprawling canopy its home. Some servants like to relax along its rocky shoreline. Couples are known to spend time at the tip of the cape where a gorgeous view of sunset awaits.

Wishing Well
A small outcrop placed higher along the resort’s outer edge overlooking the Tropicana Forest. Besides being a scenic vista, it has a small non-working wishing well and a traditional Torii Gate. It’s often serene and peaceful.

Port District

Originally called the Port, but name-changed later so it wouldn’t be confused for the sector. A massive space that peeks out of Mount Meru’s side. It is the largest room in the Port District since it provides a sheltered landing zone for Vigil Angels to drop off supplies. Massive steel doors hinge open and closed on command, and it’s almost entirely run by robots. It has more than enough room to house Vanguard Platoon’s attached airborne assets. Large hallways directly connect it to the Terminal, Munitions Bunker, and Armory.

A small, guarded stash close to the barracks for Vanguard members to quickly access their small arms. It does not house explosives or specialized ordnance.

A series slightly smaller rooms compared to the ones in the Residential district. This is where Vanguard lives, separated from the rest of Chaldea. It’s much more luxurious than anything the Vigil usually has constructed for its personnel.

Munitions Bunker
One of Chaldea’s most fortified room. The Vigil garrison’s surplus ordnance is stored here, far from Chaldea’s main infrastructure. Should anything actually breach its heavy security measures, its destruction would not harm the main mountain in any way.

Ready Room
Designed like a larger ready room for pilots, like those usually found on aircraft carriers or airbases. This room acts as Vanguard’s separate meeting room for their own deployments. It houses trophies, accolades, medals, and certificates of their achievements, but also has everything a typical military briefing room requires.

Designed like a small modern airport terminal, this room is where Chaldean guests and residents check in or out. First arrivals in Chaldea must come through here first for registration. It includes baggage scanners, seating, and bathrooms. A large entrance hallway connects it to the the rest of Chaldea.

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