World Design

Revisions, Rules, Terms, and Mechanics of the Fragments-verse.

The following rules are important adjustments the entire Fragments-verse follows for this timeline.

The following divergence mark this series as Slight AU.

1: Chaldea Revisions

– Day and night will still pass in Chaldea as normal, and they will follow a calendar year. They are a separate dimension as mentioned in the FGO prologue, so they can conceivably take as long as necessary to complete the Grand Orders.

– Its altitude has been lowered from 6,000 meters to 4,000 meters.

– Humanity is still set to perish in December 2016

– FoC’s timeline starts in April instead of FGO’s canon June start. There will be occasional time markers as helpful reminders.

2: Regarding Fate Canon Lore

– I will follow the lore as closely as possible but will do occasional tweaks. I can only make it as precise as the translations I find, however.

– The main plot of early singularities are mostly unchanged, so what happened there still applies. Supplements address any differences.

– Events will not appear in their game form. I’ve taken creative liberties to adapt situations and servants with them in order to properly fit this slightly different timeline.

– The Protag is of a different origin. They’re a below-average magus in this timeline instead of a civilian.

– Servants may act slightly OOC. This series focuses heavily on development past their character in relation to their environment, interactions, and formed relations. Some have spent the months since Fuyuki adapting, bonding, and even curiously trying new things in their spare time.

3: Regarding Servants

– There is a larger number that can be deployed, but there are still limitations.

– Alter/Duplicates are handled very differently throughout the series. Rules regarding this are spread throughout the series. There are rarely exceptions, so be warned: duplicate servants don’t appear ‘easily’.

– Servants can remember past Grail experiences and singularities with vivid clarity.

– If a servant is not specifically mentioned to be present, assume they’re not present in Chaldea. A full list can be found on the tumblr archive. Check my profile for links.

– Star ratings from the game do not matter for “summoning chance” appearances. They arrive at random.

– No Non-Canon servants will ever appear.

– I will not introduce canon servants that haven’t been added to the game’s gacha yet. I need to know the circumstances of being able to summon them. There has been a one-time-only exception to this rule (63).

4: Regarding Staff

– In canon, twenty survived the blast. I’ve increased the surviving staff number to roughly over a hundred, and the original Pre-Fuyuki count to three hundred. A humanity saving organization on such a tiny staff count is beyond absurd.

– There are multiple new Divisions, including a Science Division. Chaldea has Cryo Vats that are presumably built into the master capsules. They are top tier science devices, so for the place not to have a tech department for maintenance is equally absurd.

– Robots supplement the workforce. A full explanation can be found on the World Revision’s tab on the tumblr, mainly so I don’t waste any more space here.

– The frozen masters mentioned in the prologue are presumed dead due to Lev’s precision planning.

Mechanics & Terminology

Ascension: The term used for powering up a Saint Graph to increase its magical energy capacity. The process only became available once Scathach arrived in Chaldea, and it can only be done a limited number of times.

Ascension Materials: The term for any special ingredient that’s incredibly rare. After some processing by the Magecraft Division, these can be used as catalysts to allow Quantum Pieces to further increase a servant’s prowess. 

Class Shifting: The process to change a servant’s Class Container. If certain Memorial Essences are acquired for a servant, the possibility of altering their class becomes viable. The process was created by Scathach, Da Vinci, and Tesla, but takes time to perform. The Material Body can also be adjusted during this period if desired. Due to its lengthy process, Class Shifting is seldom performed and requires serious consideration with the weighed advantages/disadvantages.

Example: Arturia Pendragon has the memorial essence for Arturia Pendragon (Lancer). She now has the requirements to undergo a change to shift her class container and material body if she desires.

Craft Coins: Otherwise known as Craft Essences, and they can be lost/destroyed in battle. These coins are the conceptualized mystic code of a person, place, or idea that can not manifest properly as a weapon. Craft Coins are activated through prana, and help boost certain parameters or provide supporting abilities based on their concept. Only one can be held on a servant’s person at any time. If multiple are carried, they neutralize each other and fail to activate.

Example: Battle of Camlann depicts the event on one side of the coin. When the servant holding it is in critical condition (instead of defeat), it sends its stored prana to nearby, allied servants. In this case, the Craft Coin also acts as a miniature prana container until it activates.

**EXP & Fou Cards: These do not appear in Fragments of Chaldea. “Levels” between ascension states are considered automatically completed with the ascension.

Golden Tickets: These work very differently from the game, since they are not used for summoning. These are redeemable coupons that can be given to servants that act as Command Seals. Each one allows a servant to get one favor/request/etc. from the gifting master that they must follow. Da Vinci and Roman keep track of which servants have a ticket, so they can’t be counterfeit.

*While it is not enforced by Magecraft like a Self-Geass scroll, the masters will still follow through with it or risk loss of respect and trust from their servants for breaking their word.

Memorial Essence: These are formed when a duplicate servant arrives from summoning. Instead of manifesting as another copy, it collapses into a Memorial Essence that can be absorbed by the specific servant. These increase the efficiency of their standard Noble Phantasms through “forgotten” memories from a different timeline, granting them greater insight into another life/summoning they’ve had.

They may also carry a new Noble Phantasm that the servant can wield without a class change; It will suffer a rank down if invoked in the wrong class. However, if the new Noble Phantasm is a transforming type, it cannot be invoked in the wrong class.

Example: Arturia Alter (Saber) gets summoned to Chaldea but Arturia Pendragon is already present. The memories of the servant collapse into a sphere instead of forming a true Saint Graph, allowing the memories to be absorbed. In this case, Excalibur Morgan manifests since it is a different version of Excalibur.

For further specifics on this mechanic, you may refer to this post. Be warned, the post contains spoilers all the way through the beginning of Redemption from Sin.

Mystic Codes: Some summoned codes arrive as normal instead of a Craft Coin. Black Keys, Azoth Daggers, Volumen Hydrargyrum (Fervor Mei Sanguis), and other wield-able items arrive in their normal state. Just like Craft Coins, these can be lost/destroyed in battle. Unlike Craft Coins, multiple can be carried and used since they are already manifested.

Example: Amakusa can carry as many black key types as he wishes, which saves his own magical energy since he doesn’t need to form them himself. When used against enemies and destroyed, the mystic code does not reconstruct itself and is lost.

Quantum Pieces: Small pieces of crystallized mana that, when combined with special materials, can increase the magical energy capacity of a servant’s Saint Graph. This is what’s needed to make servants and their skills stronger, but the process can only be done so many times.

Saint Quartz: The merging of conventional and thaumatergical energy into a crystallized state. The can be used to recharge a master’s magical energy, activate an emergency Ray Shift without draining excess generator power, or power the Fate Summoning System. They are made from surplus energy from the generators, or formed through a process of collected mana by Da Vinci. They’re heavy for their size.

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