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Fragment 33 Insight

Finally the Indian Heroes have arrived… or two of them at least. They make for quite the interesting combination if you’re aware of their past and their F/GO quirks. Quick Note: Names and terminology might look the same. I will explain the three terms… Continue Reading “Fragment 33 Insight”

Fragment 29 Insight

Christmas could have been its own mini arc at this point, seeing as the past three fragments all happened within the same week. While technically following each other, they still feel like separate pieces thanks to their spotlight servants. And so we’ve finally arrived… Continue Reading “Fragment 29 Insight”

Fragment 28 Insight

Santa Alter gets a fairly rough Cameo here. Unfortunately, more details of the minor singularity will only be revealed later, with most remaining a Noodle Incident among anomalies. Let’s be honest though, there are some pretty absurd singularities in the mobile game too. I… Continue Reading “Fragment 28 Insight”