Fragment 79 Insight

Most servants come bringing a bag of problems they slowly learn to sort out. Thanks to Parvati’s combination with Sakura, there was no timidness to get in the way though. With the gifted resolve and drive, it made for a unique possible spin on the usual “Servant arrives at Chaldea” fragment: Parvati just going ahead and solving the problems rather than letting them grow.

As a goddess of love and nurturing, she would likely have the drive to solve any tragedy before it blossomed more. Sakura just had a lot. Not anymore though. Most problems usually persist for long stretches in Fragments. Parvati just went ahead and knocked all the pins down in a single fragment as a twist. So, she gets smooth sailing from here on unless someone makes new issues… or one of the teased alters come that’s stated in her bio. Or maybe even BB and the other alter egos.

That said, though no complete “Shirou’s Grail War House” get together is shown, but they’re all finally together again (as close as Grand Order can allow). Technically Muramasa isn’t necessary since he’s Muramasa and EMIYA is technically the ‘closer’ Shirou (we’ll skip the long debate). You’ve got that SoL Fate cooking show to solve that one though.

The mythology gag when meeting Rama was inspired by a talk I had with Ethereal23. It was just adapted a bit so it’d make for a fun little showcase from Parvati’s bio, that she can get angry, but it usually just winds up looking cute and controlled. Her real anger is something else, but that’s not going to show in this case: Rama isn’t Mohini, even if they are both incarnations of Vishnu.

As a fun side fact I mentioned before, Anishka was actually partially designed by him as a gift for all the help sorting out crazy Indian mythology. That included her sexual orientation, which is finally being revealed to the vast majority of Chaldea. I didn’t want this small subplot sticking around too long because it’s just the introduction to the real development arc: Anishka getting used to finally expressing herself openly and not feeling like she’s carrying a grave sin/crime.

So, it was a mix of emotions, but I feel it all tied up nice at the end. As a separate note, the next fragment will be one of the first to take place outside Chaldea.

Teaser: When you’re taken from the time you belong, it wasn’t as easy as simply placing you back; The time continuum was convoluted. She’d come to acknowledge she’d likely never return to her regular life again, and though she often cursed her luck, it wasn’t until she ventured out that she truly felt it again… that dull ache she’d first experienced in that cold warehouse. That dull ache of forlorn uncertainty and loss.

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