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A Little Christmas Surprise

It’s not much compared to what I used to do, but I thought five shards would be a nice little present! One might be just a reupload of the Tumblr ‘catch-ups’ with some extra bits at the end, but at least the other four… Continue Reading “A Little Christmas Surprise”

A Chapter Ends, but the Book Remains Open

I have the feeling many of you were expecting this ever since the slowdowns began, but what I say next may be unfortunately obvious. Sadly par for the course of 2020. Though the plans and curiosities for what lay ahead exist, the motivation to… Continue Reading “A Chapter Ends, but the Book Remains Open”

Author’s Note – 20 OCT

I’d like to keep this brief, but let’s be honest: Brevity isn’t my ace of spades. That said, there’s also a lot that needs to be addressed that I’d like to get off my chest. Despite how many times I apologize for recent delayed… Continue Reading “Author’s Note – 20 OCT”

FoC status Update – July 5

Nothing terrible, but unfortunately nothing to get really excited over either. I’ve been very bad on the communication front for a good portion of the year, and while I hate making excuses, 2020 hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. That aside, I am making… Continue Reading “FoC status Update – July 5”

Possible Series Rule Amendment

I’ve been doing theory-crafting and extra planning over the past few months. One of which was one of Fragments’ core rules that keep everything organized and flowing smoothly. Namely, the one Sita broke: A servant must be available to play/select in FGO before they… Continue Reading “Possible Series Rule Amendment”

Fragment 113 Insight

Fic is hardly dead. Just chugging very slowly. Before the usual thought input, I’d like to raise a note about something that irks me with the story. Because of the medium, and my background in filmmaking, the clash over setting a scene and word… Continue Reading “Fragment 113 Insight”

Author’s Mid-April Update

Hey readers! I know it’s been a crazy time for most, and I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Even with my main career currently on hold, the sidework and other assorted projects have been keeping me relatively busy. Still healthy and kicking too.… Continue Reading “Author’s Mid-April Update”

Epilogue Insight

Thus, I have added a second tally onto my completed stories list. It was my toughest journey to date, but it felt very rewarding to accomplish. This story turned out much longer than I originally wished, and even further than intended with the poll.… Continue Reading “Epilogue Insight”

Fragment 68 Insight

It’s time for one of the second EOR era servant to make their appearance (since Arthur was technically the first). If it wasn’t obvious enough, this is a Hijikata separate from the one during the second Guda Guda. Obviously that will be addressed, but… Continue Reading “Fragment 68 Insight”

Fragment 62 Insight

First: Yes, I know Jack and Nursery Rhyme have been getting quite a bit of screen time. Unfortunately, if I need to involve “adorable little kids”, they fit the bill much better compared to the usually more mature Illya and Kuro (especially Kuro). It’s… Continue Reading “Fragment 62 Insight”