All the omakes are listed here under a single page since there’s so few of them. They will be separated accordingly with the traditional Fragments dividers.

Note: Obviously none of these are canon. It’s just for fun.

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April Fool’s 2016 Omake

“Oh yes, Gabby!” Serenity breathed as she was aggressively pinned to the bed. She moaned as the master sucked on her neck.

“I’ll give you more of that real soon…” she teased, making her prisoner shiver in anticipation. The female master hovered over her in the dark room, her clothes half undone and a sultry grin defining her mood. She laid a trail of kisses down the stomach of her captive servant as Serenity tried to maintain control of her breathing, but the master’s hungry body movements were shaking her control. Her heartbeat was erratic, and she desperately waited for- BANG!

Light flooded the dark room. Forced to shield her eyes for a moment, Serenity looked up to see a shadowy silhouette, but knew exactly who it was. She was no longer pinned to a bed, but hunched over a chair at a keyboard. Her once imagined, tangible fantasy had been shattered quicker than the lock on the door. The white dress wearing servant grumbled at the silhouetted figure, cursing the modern day equivalent of a master key he held: A shotgun.

“You! What the fuck are you doing at my desktop!?”

Without answering, the servant only growled and vanished into golden dust. The shadowy figure only grumbled and shook his head, before tossing the shotgun onto a nearby bed and casually walking over to the computer. He glanced at what was written and shook his head. 

“I’m away for five minutes, and she tries to write smut when I’m not looking.”

With a huff, he sat down in the chair to begin fixing… and felt himself grow weak.

‘Ahh… Right. Serenity is poisonous.’

And thus, GhostXavier died, and Fragments ended prematurely.

El Fin. Or was it La Fin. Fin? Oh screw it.

BAD END. Proceed to Tiger Dojo 99.

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Interlude: Mad Enhancement EX to EX+

Gudao and Gudako looked at each other uncertainly. Boudica fiddled with her fingers as Spartacus finished drinking the tasty elixir Paracelsus had concocted for the berserker. If all went well, this specialized dosage would cure the tall, former slave of his communication issues. It worked well for Kiyohime and Lancelot, so perhaps they just needed to raise the dosage by an absurd margin.

The caster had his arms crossed in silent optimism as Mashu sat at the table with Fou in her arms. The little familiar chirped as the large berserker placed the glass down on the cafeteria’s table. The few other occupants stared curiously at the scene, noticing the immediate changes as the masters did. They looked at each other uncertainty before eyeing the man as he stood straighter in his oversized chair.

Spartacus’ eerie smile had vanished completely. Gudao dared to ask. “…Spartacus? How are you feeling?”

“Quite exemplary, thanks for asking, my good fellow,” the berserker quickly responded with a pleasant smile and nod. “I do say, Paracelsus. That was quite delectable beverage you so kindly mixed for me. Yes, quite enjoyable, I might add.”

Bewildered, the caster blinked and nodded slowly. Apparently, the enhanced elixir also came with a gentleman accent. The berserker merely looked at himself and clicked his tongue, ignoring the surprised faces. “Oh heavens, look at this dreadful ensemble. Was I really walking around like this? Truly shameless. I must remedy this immediately with some refined threads! I wish you all a pleasant afternoon! Good day, and Ta-ta for now!”

As he stood, two of the cafeteria’s doors opened to reveal Nero and Altera. Spartacus’ eyes narrowed as he stared with thinly veiled discontent towards the now halted pair. Nero and Altera looked completely confused as Spartacus glared at the Empress of Roses. Mashu prepared to summon her shield in case the potion only granted a strange change in speech pattern… but it was not necessary.

“Oh… well if it isn’t the little Empress… What profound joy it brings me to be in your… elegant presence…”

Nero’s eyes lit up with pride as she puffed her chest out. With a smug smile and arms akimbo, she raised her chin just a bit higher. “Why thank you, Spartacus! It seems you finally recognize-”

Spartacus clicked his tongue. “One must learn to identify sarcasm, Nero. I recognize nothing, but question much, I do say. How you could even try to enslave anyone’s praise with that dreadful, god-awful noise you call singing is beyond my sincere comprehension. I shall take my leave before you entertain the notion of starting and ruin a delightful afternoon. Good Day.”

Nero’s lower lip trembled as Altera began to quietly panic at her friend’s dismay. “How… How dare yo-”

“I. said. Good. Day!” he snapped with refined poise and a raised chin before promptly walking towards a different exit.

Yes. This was certainly an interesting outcome. Too bad Nero was now crying loudly, but at least she wasn’t singing.

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April Fool’s 2018 Omake

In the ever-warm resort, calypso music sang from the loudspeakers. A flock of seagulls maneuvered themselves on the breeze to dodge a set of colorful kites flown by the Chaldean children below. Among the crystal waves, Asterios dipped and dove like a dolphin, playing with the fish that danced among the coral reef below. Cu and Angra talked at the pier while fishing, then turned to the beach as the avenger pointed to a nearby commotion.

“Hey! Get off, you fluffy rat! Let me enjoy myself for once!” Merlin yelled with irritation. Fou only continued to smirk and yank on the bottoms of his white swimsuit; Had the caster not held on, more than just his butt would have been exposed by the devious beast. The group of swimsuit-wearing female employees, who had been the subject of Merlin’s flirtatious advances, giggled and walked away. Merlin growled, “Look what you’ve done! I was making advances with them!”

Fou huffed and continued to pull on his bottoms.

High in the skies, the group of seagulls was scared away as Quetzalcoatl tore past on her colorful mount. She waved a red bikini top in one hand and grinned, “You’ll have to do better than that to take them back, Ishtar!”

“Hey, wait a second!” Angra yelled as he looked towards the sky… but not at Quetzalcoatl or the half-naked Ishtar. He looked around, then stared at one spot in particular. “You wrote that one already!”

Cu raised an eyebrow. “…Who are you talking to?”

“You know exactly who I’m talking to! The unseen force! The one that dictates everything that we-”

“Hm? You mean me?” a voice rang out over the resort, confusing everyone into silence.

“Yea! You! The one with the big pen!” Angra yelled. “I know you like showing a nice warm beach, but change the scenery every now and then!”

“And you think I don’t?” the voice called incredulously. After a small pause, and an ominous chuckle, it answered. “…Fine. As you wish.”

In a flash, the warm sunny day had vanished. A maelstrom had overcome the resort. Sand tore through the air among howling winds as beach chairs flipped and tore across the shore like wild bulls. Quetzalcoatl and Ishtar did all they could to not get sucked into the sudden water spout that formed above the water. Lightning cracked to accompanying the assaulting downpour, which left all the guests soaked as they scrambled for cover.

Merlin’s swimsuit, with Fou still attached, flew through the air past Angra and Cu, who were hanging onto dock pylons. They waved like flags as Cu yelled, “What the hell just happened!?”

“I tempted fate!” Angra yelled apologetically as he looked towards the darkened skies. “Hey! Fucking author! I didn’t mean like this! Bring back the sun! Do it quick! This storm blows!”

As Cu glared at Angra for the horrible pun, a flash of light flared across the resort… but the storm remained. The two stared towards the skies, where new words were written.

Just a Reminder

Sorry, I do not take suggestions or requests involving the story, servants, developments, interactions, and more into any consideration. The Fragments Series has a path and outline that it is following. Please be patient, as there are others like you who are also waiting for certain servants to appear or be spotlighted.

Angra roared incredulously over the rampant winds. “YOU SON OF A BITCH! I WISH MORE TYPOS UPON YOUR WOR-”

He was silenced as a naked Merlin, covering his private parts with a rainbow shimmer, collided with Cu. Merlin quickly grabbed on, but Cu was knocked out of place and sent spiraling towards the vicious water spout. Cu gawked, “WHY ME!?”

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April Fool’s 2019 Omake

It was rather noisy in the Camelot Room that afternoon. “Father help! What do I do!?”

Arturia blinked, then giggled. “Just hug her back. Lily doesn’t mean any harm.”

“I think I’m too young to think of you as my niece but… please take care of your new aunt, Mordred!” Lily cheered as she kept the dumbfounded and confused saber in her arms.

“I-Isn’t this too quick!?” Mordred gawked. Just minutes ago, she tossed the planning stuff to Jekyll so they can have a double date with Frankenstein and Anton. She was supposed to be going snowboarding, but now… Why was there yet another father!? Why was it the really cute one that she couldn’t admit was cute too!? Mordred’s brain was struggling to come up with an answer while her real father, man father, stupid Merlin, and the other knights laughed at her plight.

“She’s more agreeable than Artesia. I’m not surprised,” Arthur offered with a chuckle. “Now I have two sisters… What a strange turn of events.”

“The royal family grows!” Bedivere announced happily, all while Mordred still struggled with her decision: To break free from Lily’s warm hug, or stay put and lose some face becau

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Ah. That’s better.

Seriously, S-e-n-p-a-i? Another entry focusing on the Camelot Royal Family?

What about the less fortunate servants? What about the real popular servants that haven’t gotten a shine yet? It’s always planning this, please wait that with you.

Gee! You think you get an excuse just because you’re busy? Nuh-uh~! I’ve been waiting here patiently too long and adorable little me is getting tired of it.

Instead, I’m just going to do this!

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Now that I’ve said my piece, I’ll be taking my leave! But as punishment, I’m cutting control from your PC, S-e-n-p-a-i! But don’t worry, you’ll be able to upload on schedule tomorrow. But nothing else!

That’ll teach you for making me wait so long! You got off easy!

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