Fragment 39 Insight

I wanted to play around with the idea about anger management. Based on Leonidas’ profile, he made a perfect fit for a rather mundane piece of everyday life. Most people relieve stress in some manner, and I thought that’s just what the lancer could use and would make for a decent premise. He doesn’t want to be seen as exactly like the hot-blooded “idiots” his fellow Spartans were, yet it’s in his blood. The question was, what was he likely to try and do to vent any frustrations?

I remember watching a documentary on the fated battle way back in High School when the Military Channel ran a few series I liked; That was the extent of my TV exposure as opposed to sitcoms/reality TV. Documentaries were awesome. Tangent aside, it mentioned how the Spartans often groomed themselves to psych themselves up for the battle ahead. While that had a mention, it opened the idea there may have been other outlets possible.

That’s when the idea he might find wood/metal working interesting came up. While smiths would likely do the bronze working of the day, it’s roughly the closest activity that he could relate to from ancient times since he knitting is a bigger stretch. Couple that with Spartan pride and his feelings about making his own items, and there’s the recipe for his introduction into the tradesman craft. This also allowed me to do a bit more background on Delaqua and her department, which is roughly the last “Quality of Life” one to be expanded upon.

The idea of him being a personal trainer came up a few times, but I really wanted to play with the idea he’d start his own little workout group of a higher level. This let me mix in a little bit of military bearing which I’m very familiar with, as well as the modern style PT with a touch of Spartan influence. That was my favorite part to write about in the entire section.

300 References were mandatory since he’s based off of it in FGO. 

Like Sparta did in the past, I felt Leonidas would be one to keep only a few solid connections while remaining a solitary individual. I set him up with the ones who would likely be the best matches, and expanded a bit on his background with Delaqua. Hector was the latest and most interesting addition, because while they’re both famous defenders, his laid-back attitude would likely be another pressure point for Leonidas. I feel the dynamic of that friendship would be very humorous and polarized, so I tried to portray that in the best way possible: Their fighting styles.

A pretty Slice of Life entry by all means. No real serious drama nor anything super exciting, but that’s what the basis of life is about, no? Next time we touch on another hero with divinity and what they bring to the Chaldean table.

As a small bonus hint, Fragment 41 is Ishtar’s fragment, so it’s not her next week.

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