Fragment 75 Insight

Originally Blackbeard had this slot, but the running gags with Ereshkigal after the Christmas event presented an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. You know them: The joke she just got to Chaldea when all of a sudden she got sent back with the other servants. I merely turned it into an entry-long gag that she finally got the dream she yearned for only for everything to fall into jeopardy thanks to Solomon’s no obvious presence.

Speaking of which, if you recalled earlier, I had a small miscommunication error in regards to Solomon’s singularity and why I changed the location… except (which was probably obvious because of the miscommunication I had to clear up) I actually didn’t do that and stuck roughly to canon. It plays into something in Supplement 3, but I was pretty much forced to white-lie in order not to spoil Fragment 75’s reveal that, well, it obviously wasn’t. Again, these strange set pieces will all make sense once we get into the real supplement.

As for Ereshkigal, it gave another opportunity for a different sort of “exploration” fragment where a servant is first introduced to Chaldea. Like Quetzalcoatl who was very upbeat, Ereshkigal’s was uplifting with a sense of scenic appreciation the others have never shown. I wrote a scene that mostly just depicts her staring at snow, the thing everyone’s been staring at rather casually throughout the whole series. For her that’s going to be like seeing Niagra falls after living beside a creek all her life… a creek that’s probably perpetually masked in darkness, but you get the idea.

I also wanted to make the interactions mostly, and purposefully, rather brief and abrupt. It should all feel like a giant sampler platter for her on what the future holds, only for it to be put in jeopardy. She’s gotten her taste, and now she’s more enticed than ever before to fight for what’s in reach.

There was initially a scene with her and King Hassan, but this fragment was already going well over the cut off line, so I decided to save their interaction for later (aka, King Hassan’s fragment). I merely left it as she is unnerved by him, but also thankful for what he did for her.

The latter half helped to serve as a small transition towards Supplement 3, though I didn’t want it to be completely invasive. I kept things brief, especially considering we won’t be back in Fragments for a while (two supplements inbound, back-to-back).

And, of course, the final “played” song in Season 3: A covered song (by Liz) a bit fitting for Chaldea and Ereshkigal’s situation… to an extent.

No teaser. Supplement 3 is finally here. Its title will be unveiled at release in two weeks.

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