Masters and Original Characters

Warning: The following section contains a lot of spoiler information regarding developments and interactions up to the latest fragment. It is highly advised not to read these profiles unless you’ve read everything.

The Fragments-verse has a long list of original characters, but they’re spread out over different categories. Below you will find information about the many different individuals, but their importance to the series determines how much is available. More information is also revealed as the series advances and more developments are revealed.

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Tossaway Names
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You may notice some names are thrown about in the series but never actually appear more than a handful of random mentions. More often than not, this is just to create an air of immersion that this is a world filled with lots of people. Not everyone gets to take the limelight like servants can, but their names can still be thrown about.

Special Note for the thrown name “Ophelia”: She is a different person from the A-Team Crypter. Her name was tossed out there way before the Lostbelts, but the offhanded mentions won’t be changing. I’m sure you know at least one friend who shares their first name with dozens. Any Johns out there?

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Inconsequential OCs
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These OCs play an extremely minor role. They’re often named because they’re usually in the same spot, with plain personalities/jobs, and interact with others from time to time. They’re inconsequential because just like Nathan making your sandwich at your local Subway, or Cara the librarian, they don’t have any serious impact on the world. They just make it feel alive.

  1. Codsworth – Fallout 4 reference name and design. Dutiful head robot in the kitchen.
  2. Lex – Dutiful robot and bartender for Club Cove (previously for the Party Cave).
  3. Samantha – Recipient and assistant to the Medical Bay’s supervisor.
  4. Daryl – An employee that helps out at the shooting range on occasion.
  5. “Pun Guy” – He who is unnamed. He strikes with the pun when least expected. He is the silent hunter. The collector of groans.

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Minor OCs
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Minor OCs are developed more than the inconsequentials, but are not considered the celebrities of Chaldea. Some may have some fleeting moments that influence a fragment’s subplot, but appear fairly often. They can have roles as small as Fate/Stay Night VN’s Track Trio, and even bit bigger like Issei or Ayako.

  1. Janice – The Alchemical prodigy magus. She’s very young, but has the potential to become one of the greatest alchemists of her time. She is currently Paracelsus’ protégé, and he looks after her carefully because she has a terrible habit of being reckless and clumsy. She mostly keeps to herself because she doesn’t feel an overwhelming need to be social. Recently, she also became Nightingale’s student.
  2. Damien Tavera – An overly masculine and abrasive supervisor. A very two-faced individual who does not hide his personal opinions about others when no one is looking. Caused Tyler and Anton a lot of trouble before Frankenstein dealt with him personally. He was jailed before he attempted to reprogram a robot and break out. The plan backfired, causing the haywire robot to execute him.
  3. Head Chef Leandre – Head of the regular kitchen staff for breakfast and lunch. He works with the Kitchen Servants often and has learned much from them in the ways of culinary art. He strives to provide proper meals, both for his own satisfaction & prestige. He takes the satisfaction of his diners seriously. He recommended and begged Da Vinci to let Elsa, his niece, come to Chaldea because of her tough financial situation.
  4. Takisha – A young Arabian girl from the 6th Singularity who was inspired to grow up to be a beautiful knight like Arturia. She got to play with her idol several times and always sang her praises. She was killed during the attack on the village.
  5. Samila – An elderly woman from the 7th Singularity who ran a flower shop Enkidu used to visit often. She was still nice and kind to Gilgamesh despite his arrogant and abrasive attitude, and even gave her a flower gift as a thank you. She was killed during the first lahmu attack on Uruk.
  6. UN Secretary General Wittwer – Head of the United Nations military actions. An elderly man with a tired attitude who still tries to ensure conflict is avoided on all sides. He’s very by the books, which nearly prevented him from giving authorization for Chaldea and the Vigil to commence a necessary preemptive strike.
  7. UN Deputy Secretary-General Kruze: Dutiful and diligent assistant to the Secretary-General. Has a distaste for mages, but follows orders even if her own personal beleifs may go against them. Was unknowingly brainwashed by Dalton to act as a spy and saboteur in a high position.
  8. Fes Jean-Baptiste Dalton: Lev Leinor’s foremost chosen student. A twisted megalomanic with delusional beliefs that his granted powers fated him as a ruler, yet was angry no one recognized it until Lev. Flauros used its abilities to brainwash Dalton into helping with Fuyuki Grail experimentation, mostly due to his powerful and much more subtle mind-manipulation abilities.
  9. Clock Tower Adviser Vernier – The rather level-headed combat magus that heads the Clock Tower investigation team. After being saved by the Vigil and Chaldea, he keeps his personal ambitions and pride in check due to a newfound fear and respect for servants. He still tries to show off and play his cards right to win influential favor with others.
  10. Gio Santini – Elsa’s infant child. The six-month-old baby quickly became a favorite among the mothers and women of Chaldea. He often gets pampered far too much, just like the other Chaldean children.
  11. Fadil – The prideful but serious Egyptian flight leader of Mobisu Squadron who goes by the nickname ‘Pharaoh.’ He quickly earned the attention of the real Egyptian pharaohs and does his utmost not to offend them, effectively kicking him down a few pegs.

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Travel OCs
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This is a special category of minor OCs who appear only in vacations & trips to the real world. As such, they remain unknown to nearly all servants, but make a big impression with one or a select few. They often remain in contact with said Chaldeans they befriended, but are otherwise completely unaware of Chaldea’s existence.

  1. Sani – A Native American tour guide at Antelope Canyon. He’s very friendly and family oriented, but like many of his tribe, he lives impoverished conditions. Left a strong impression with Geronimo.
  2. Shae – An aspiring High School student who busks to try and earn more money for higher education. She aspires to be a historian with a specialty in Celtic Mythology. Left a strong impression with Fionn.
  3. Franz – An established travel photographer and instructor who bumps into vacationing Chaldeans rather frequently. Left a strong impression with Saint George.

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Major/Influential OCs
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These are the human stars of the Fragments-verse. They can have entire fragments dedicated to themselves and become heavily developed as time goes on. Often times, they play a large part in several servants’ growth and have grown very close to a select few. Each one has an article dedicated to them.

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Chaldean Masters
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Unlike the canon timeline, the Fragments-verse has multiple masters. They are obviously considered the top celebrities of Chaldea among servants, but their number has always been limited. They will never exceed four at maximum. They all have more development over time than the major OCs and have their own dedicated articles too.

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