Fragment 50 Insight

A fair bit of female fanservice here. I do give a shout out to both demographics, don’t forget!

All throughout the Bablyonia Singularity, it was only about dealing with Kingu. This time, it’s about learning how the real Enkidu has adapted to his new home. Needless to say, with the help of his friend, it was fairly straightforward, which paved the way for a light-hearted and humorous fragment.

The only tricky part was writing his “checked” attitude towards Ishtar. He hates her with a passion normally, and for good reason, but this is not the same goddess. Since a few days passed, and even Gilgamesh permits her conversations, it was not a hard stretch for Enkidu to give a second chance. All it needed was a few more sparks to make him offer a chance to “restart fresh”, so I included the most curious way to do so: A hardcore volleyball match.

Besides Enkidu’s potential bond with Ishtar, I made sure this entry was all about closing the final gap between Gilgamesh and some others. They’re practically already friends, but the King of Heroes doesn’t want to admit it. Enkidu obviously sees otherwise, so he just patiently waits to push them ever closer. The only thing it lacks is that dialogue with Gilgamesh about making more friends, which I decided not to show.

There was plenty of interaction between the two friends already in this fragment, and would rather showcase other stuff.

The Jenga game was a last-minute idea, but also introduced the recurring situation that Iskandar is being his usual, pushy self (but with good intent). It also gave me a good chance to continue to show, through action rather than dialogue, just how close and comfortable Gilgamesh and Enkidu are. Then again, I’m pretty sure the ending lines of the opening scene pretty much outlined just how comfortable they are as friends.

The new summer event allowed me to fine tune some swimsuit designs, but otherwise wasn’t the main point of this. They’ll make more of a showing with their antics later, mind you, but the main attraction was definitely the volleyball game. I wanted it to be as “regular cool” as possible in the beginning before ramping up to become outrageous. The servants had to get carried away by summoning all their stuff, and thankfully Summer 2017 gave me the leeway needed to make summoning Gulaganna to help a feasible idea.

Final note, I just had to throw in the lancer died joke. I figured too many entries had elapsed without its true appearance.

Next week, a servant continues their newfound daily routine. But besides trying to do chores before the robots can, what other curious hobbies and tasks have they picked up?

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