Fragment 62 Insight

First: Yes, I know Jack and Nursery Rhyme have been getting quite a bit of screen time. Unfortunately, if I need to involve “adorable little kids”, they fit the bill much better compared to the usually more mature Illya and Kuro (especially Kuro). It’s an issue I’m aware of and have been moving forward quickly to remedy in this season. Yes, that was a blunt, heavy-as-hell hint directly from me.

It’s been a bit, so I decided to do a split “day-in-the-life” entry that takes place of two days instead of one. It’s partially to show Hector’s two speeds, which are laid-back and committed. Thus, when he’s sent on some errands, he puts effort into it to get them done faster so he can go back and enjoy his lazy day. On the other hand, when something is serious and calls for it, he won’t be rushing things as shown on the second day.

To place background on his laziness, I threw in that small tidbit flashback about his previous life. Nine years, even with ‘breaks’, is a long siege. As an exemplary leader who managed to hold back the massive Archaean force, he’s no slouch at heart, but all the fighting would be like overworking. Sooner or later, he’s going to want a nice break or vacation, and now he has Chaldea for that. However, he knows his duty and responsibility as a defender, and does not shrink away from that when the time calls.

I gave him a smorgasbord of interactions and a few dedicated pieces with several individuals. I just wanted to show he was overall accepted, but generally listens during conversations and only provides input when he feels it’s necessary. Again, capitalizing on minimal effort, but doing what needs to be done.

Plenty of preparatory insight into the coming event appeared here, but that’s because it was proper with Hector.  Nothing really needs to be said on why it’s a fit, obviously.

The little incident with Li Shuwen I thought it would be a fun exchange, but I was initially going to scrap it. I obviously decided against it to show Hector can get very serious (As shown and depicted in-game), but prefers not to do it or else he’ll lose his own calm, composure. It’s his ultimate taunt, per se, but made for a one-time-only flinch from the great Li Shuwen when Hector suddenly went full Spartan.

There’s also the engagement scene, which I debated on how to depict. In the end, since it was supposed to be an absolutely privateproposal, I decided not to show it (it would have felt very shoe-horned regardless of which servant and perspective), but at least told of how it went down through Nero… who would likely bombard them for answers of the beautiful scene. So I gave a few glimpses of how it likely went and a rough summary, along with the lead-up line to the big question to at least give the audience an idea of the romantic gesture.

At least Hector at the end was like:


Next week: There’s no teaser this time. As evidenced in Season 1 (last one was Fragment 12), there is sometimes the rare OC fragment to shed light from the staff’s point of view, and 63 is one of them. It’s time to crown the third master.

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