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Legal Disclaimer
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Clearly Nasu and Type Moon deserve countless praise for bringing the Fate series to reality. They’ve given us one hell of an IP to enjoy, that’s for sure, and an exceptionally fun one to write fanfiction about. Definitely looking forward to 2018’s surprises!

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Fragments of Chaldea Credits
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The Series started as a one man operation but then expanded to include several team members. The Fragments team are all volunteers, save for Grape who is paid on commission for Enevery work.

Series Author

Official Proofreader

Official Illustrator & Artist

Official Endorsed Translators
ibellasnowrider (Chinese)
Seba (Spanish)

Official Visual Novel Creator
Arc Jade
(Currently on Career Break)

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Translation Credits
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I scour several sites for any graciously translated lore which includes what is provided by the mobile game, visual novel, material books, and other works from the Nasuverse. There’s a lot of translators from the two major sites I usually check, but I’ll try to credit those who often and consistently offer their translations for others to view.

I don’t think there can ever be too many thanks offered to them from the community, but I can at least wish them top tier rolls without triggering desire sensor.

Main websites scoured: Beast Lair, FGO Guide Subreddit
Translators: CanonRap, taiboo, Aesma-Daeva, Mewarmo, Reiu, Awashima, Saltysunbro, EmiyaShiki(JV), Shuyafay, maxcaiman, boyofmystery, Wallywallsthe2nd, mirrinigma, STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, /fgog/ Anons, and many more.

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