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Fragment 18 Insight (Revisited)

This fragment was originally inspired by watching that related Prillya episode where Kuro and Illya had a cook-off. I realize that, yes, it can be roughly assumed Illya and Kuro see each other as close sisters by the time Chaldea rescues them, but I… Continue Reading “Fragment 18 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 96 Insight

Now the fun begins with one of the darker subplots for the series. It will be handled rather quickly compared to most, and the urgency obviously has a lot to do with it. It’s my goal that it will help develop the characters swiftly… Continue Reading “Fragment 96 Insight”

Fragment 80 Insight

Last fragment was extra fluffy, so of course I was going to have to shake the train a bit with the next one. Not everything is a happy ending in the wonderfully gray world of Fate, after all. It’s unfortunate, but Shiki just had… Continue Reading “Fragment 80 Insight”

Fragment 79 Insight

Most servants come bringing a bag of problems they slowly learn to sort out. Thanks to Parvati’s combination with Sakura, there was no timidness to get in the way though. With the gifted resolve and drive, it made for a unique possible spin on… Continue Reading “Fragment 79 Insight”

Fragment 75 Insight

Originally Blackbeard had this slot, but the running gags with Ereshkigal after the Christmas event presented an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. You know them: The joke she just got to Chaldea when all of a sudden she got sent back with the other… Continue Reading “Fragment 75 Insight”

Fragment 52 Insight

It’s been a long while since the Emiya family got any serious light shined on them, though admittedly there are still other servants and groups who could use it more; Fear not, they’re coming. For now though, it was about time to explore an… Continue Reading “Fragment 52 Insight”

Fragment 41 Insight

Ah, the other end of the pseudo-servant spectrum. Ishtar has full control of Rin’s body, but the little Magus still had her personality influence the goddess. As a result we get an Ishtar that’s far more lenient and less temperamental than he real life… Continue Reading “Fragment 41 Insight”

Fragment 8 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

It was a tossup between using the final ascension art and an earlier one, considering he’s his older self in Fragments. Waver arguably has the most growth in Fate/Zero. Simply put, the fragment was just designed as closure for all that he’s went through.… Continue Reading “Fragment 8 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”