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The Fragments Series is officially posted on two of the largest Fanfiction repositories on the internet: & Archive of Our Own.
If the written work is found anywhere else beside what’s noted in the Official Endorsements section below, it was published without GhostXavier’s permission or consent.

Chronological Reading Order:

  • Season 1: Prologue – Fragment 21
  • Supplement I: Their Guiding Light
  • Season 2: Fragment 22 – Fragment 47
  • Supplement II: Redemption from Sin
  • Season 3: Fragment 48 – Fragment 75
  • Supplement III: Who We Are
  • Supplement IV: Equilibrium
  • Season 4*: Fragment 76 – Fragment 94
  • Season 5*: Fragment 95+

*Cancelled Supplement markers exist at certain points. They will be indicated at the ends of the entries as usual.

Click the links below to read on your choice website.
For those who want to read offline too, AO3 has a download option but lacks the newest fragment.

Warning: AO3’s Their Guiding Light is in the original, unrevised form. For the Revised Form (Their Guiding Light – Excalibur Edition), please use for now. It’s still in a rough state, but the proofreads should be finalized by mid-January 2019 and updated on both sites.

Fragments of ChaldeaFF.netAO3
Their Guiding LightFF.netAO3
Redemption from SinFF.netAO3
Who We AreFF.netAO3
The Lost ShardsFF.netAO3

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Officially Endorsed Adaptations & Translations
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These are the only official & recognized fan adaptations of the Fragments Series, whether by language or medium. If you wish to make a fan adaptation to another medium, or translate the series into your native language, feel free to do so but please contact GhostXavier about it and provide proper credits. I can add it to the archive list here.

Please keep in mind these two are working of their own volition, so update speed, or how far this will be continued, are not concrete; Like the Fragments series itself, please be thankful this is being done out of the willingness to share a growing world in a different medium!

i’bellaSnowrider’s Traditional Chinese Translation
Alternative Archive of Our Own
Currently up to Fragment 5

Seba’s Spanish Translation
Currently only the Prologue Fragment

Arc Jade’s Visual Novel
Currently up to Fragment 5
*On temporary hiatus due to Arc’s military service.

Prologue FragmentWindowsMac
Fragment 1WindowsMac
Fragment 2WindowsMac
Fragment 3WindowsMac
Fragment 4WindowsMac
Fragment 5WindowsMac
Lost Shard 5WindowsMac

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Fragments Series Related or Inspired Works
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Disclaimer: The stories listed here are works acknowledged by GhostXavier as offshoots, homages, and/or related works that have been influenced by Fragments-verse. They may have/reference OCs, character interactions, story pieces, Chaldea layouts, or other developed pieces from the Fragments Series as part of their work. If a work is not listed here, I have never been asked for permission and am currently unaware the story is doing so.

How to get your story added: This isn’t some sort of RPG quest. You just ask. It’s a practically guaranteed yes unless your fic goes to an extreme, so just be courteous and ask. Your story will be listed.
My only request is that you give a small disclaimer/note/tip-of-the-hat of some sort (usually as a header or footer in the first entry of your work) that points to myself or the Fragments’ series as the source of inspiration and/or foundation. My request is mainly a safety net so you and I don’t receive a bunch of possible plagiarism comments/notifications. It’s happened before. It’s a potential mess and headache fixed with only one sentence.

Their Guiding Light: Harbinger of Spring by King Keith
“She was defeated, there is no denying that. But what happened afterward? Suddenly the Lion King finds herself in a field of fire. What she finds there will change everything about her. (Challenge Fic/Fragments of Chaldea AU.)”

Frozen Winter by Angelic Trinity
“Fanfic of Fragments of Chaldea AU. Based off of Fragment 36. Marina struggled to control her emotions in the wake of her friend Gabrielle Rutherford’s brutal and humiliating defeat in front of all of Chaldea. Unfortunately her failure to do so leads to consequences that no one saw coming.”

Do Your Best by Anju Addams (American McGee’s Alice x FGO Crossover)
“Despite having a new family in Chaldea, a loving mother and a kind sister, Nursery Rhyme was still sad. Without her Alice by her side, what worth was she? She wanted to see Alice again, even if it was impossible. But, when a new Servant who calls herself Alice arrives one day, Nursery Rhyme will have to do all she can to save Chaldea and Alice’s Wonderland from certain destruction.”

The Sun’s Camellia by CherryBlossomGirl247
” “Tsubaki—Waiting, Longing, In Love, Perishing with Grace. That is the meaning of my name and my destiny.” Tsubaki Koizumi never thought that she would be forced to save the future of Humanity along with two other people. But when a certain white haired Lancer appears before her, Tsubaki must balance her duties as a Master while trying to discover the reason to his appearance.“

Fate Grand Blunder by King of Beasts
“What happens when heroes from popular media show up in Chaldea? Chaos, that’s what. A series of one shots inspired by GhostXavier’s Fragments of Chaldea and all the other Alternate Grail Wars out there.”

Fate Grand Blunder by Izanagi009
“A Side Story to Fragments of Chaldea by GhostXavier using food and food culture as a framing device.”

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