Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take suggestions/requests?

  • I do not and will not. Whether they are scenes, OCs, servant interactions, servant appearances, full fragments, or completely new stories, I do not take any of them into consideration. Whether or not you actually guess/predict something is only revealed to you later, but I do not disclose much fragment information if any.
  • Truthfully, I place the note at the bottom to discourage it because I feel bad having to tell people “no” all the time.
  • The Lost Shards is the only exception. That supplement exists solely for reasonable scene requests that have happened within FoC’s timeframe. Feel free to request short scenes there, but don’t be disappointed if someone else’s may be chosen over yours due to popularity or feasibility. It may even take a while before yours pops up if it does.

Will EOR and the Lostbelt chapters get supplemental stories?

  • Supplements are done to improve development upon a difficult character. If there is none to improve, I have no real reason to essentially rehash or explore a singularity. 
  • As of September 2018, I’ve decided to start ramping up my career. As part of the compromise to keep Fragments of Chaldea updating smoothly, there will be no more supplements. No ifs, ands, or buts. The Lost Shards is the last one.
  • In regards to the Lostbelt era (which are far off), please refer to the following posts on my current stance: 
  • Adaptation Issues  Plausible Alteration

What qualifies a servant to appear in Fragments of Chaldea?

  • It doesn’t matter if the servant is canon to the Nasuverse or not if they haven’t appeared in the game yet. They must enter the gacha or be a free servant in order to be qualified to appear in the collection. Once they meet this condition, they are added to the list, though priority order is not given.

When will ________ appear?

  • Again, priority order is not given. They will appear with their own fragment, or small cameo bits first, when it gets to a particular point of interest.
  • I do not play favorites with servants. Anyone can appear at any time, and it all depends on purpose and vision.
  • Very rarely, a servant can cut in line, as evidenced in alter fragments. If a servant fits a role better than another, but they’re not summoned, they can effectively move up the ladder instantly. 

If we spot a grammatical error or a potential problem, can we point it out?

  • Feel free to do so! SKYS and I do a sweep check, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. No feelings or anything are hurt for pointing them out, and I will actively fix them as they’re found.

Will all servants in the game show up? Even Grand servants?

  • Everyone in the gacha, or free servant, will show up. They are automatically on the list to do so. Being actually summoned to Chaldea is a different story, but I can promise they will make an appearance somehow. Patience is key though.

Is it true the alters will not appear?

  • I never said that. They’re just nearly impossible to summon if the original is already present because they would then appear as Memorial Essences. However, that does not mean they won’t appear in the series or possibly arrive by other means. Everyone will get a spotlight somehow, but they don’t need to be summoned to the organization to do it. Mysterious Heroine X is the prime example of this, even if she wasn’t exactly that character.
  • Those who have read far enough will know exactly what I mean by this.

Where do you come up with your OCs, and why are they here?

  • The OCs are present because the story isn’t just about servants, it’s about Chaldea, which is why it’s called Fragments of CHALDEA. In a facility where the hardworking staff remains unnoticed, I want to give them a face. Rather regular people, albeit with specialties to bring to the organization (or being a personal tailor), gives everyone someone they can better relate to than masters and servants.
  • I realize some do not like OCs, but they are a fundamental part of the organization’s staff. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay, and the least I can do is space any focused fragments involving them appropriately.
  • I design my OCs based around that concept: To fill a specific niche, and create a character that can work as a building block to make a future fragment more engaging from a different perspective. None of them are self inserts, and none of them will ever become Mary/Gary Sues. It’s kinda hard to make them that anyway when there’s no plot for them to bend around their wills.
  • I will only add new major OC if they are deemed necessary. There are quite a few minor ones though, who don’t have anywhere near the development of the mains. This is on purpose; Some just simply have a name, job, and basic personality. It’s kind of like Sarah you know behind the Starbucks counter but not much else.

Will you ever include OC servants?

  • That’s very dangerous territory to me, so a definite no. Let’s say I make a servant, we’ll take George Washington, and suddenly Type Moon releases its own version. I can now either revise an entire fragment, or make him an AU version like Musashi was revealed to be. Too much hassle for little potential gain in my opinion, so I’ll simply wait to see who I have to work with.

Does Fragments have a set progression?

  • Yes. Every fragment is designed as a self-contained piece that can standalone, but is more rewarding with knowledge of the ones before it. That said, each fragment is released in a certain order to build towards something in the future, whether it’s a supplement story or another fragment.
  • The first season can be seen as the construction pieces to build the initial world, with fragments after that setting bricks for future entries to use. Everything has its purpose.

Why did you choose to design Chaldea the way you envisioned it?

  • I expanded the facility to have several things it likely wouldn’t have originally to make the Slice of Life more viable. Clothing and Furniture Departments never were a thing prior to Fuyuki, but with servants requesting them, the demand likely had to be met to keep humanity’s primary defender appeased.
  • The large library, in particular, seemed appropriate for Marisbilly, who is always looking for ways to make Chaldea a success. A large store house of collected knowledge gives him quick access to anything he’d need to reference.

Do you update previous Fragments?

  • Fairly often, and almost never announced. I’m constantly fine tuning previous pieces when new information is translated/revealed, letting me get closer to canon while retaining the vision I want it to have.
  • There’s also currently a slow but ongoing attempt to fix the last lingering issues of Season One. There’s no ETA on completion.

How were you able to update weekly, and sometimes twice weekly?

  • Fast Typing speed, a ceaseless imagination, a total appreciation of Fate, and an immunity to writer’s block all help. The big one is my freelance job which let’s me set my own schedules, so I can write pretty much whenever.
  • This was the case before, though. After deciding to pursue my career further, most of the time was decidedly slashed on September 24th, 2018. From then on, Fragments is updated bi-weekly at very best.

Do you do collaborations?

  • I do not, sorry. There was one collaboration attempt but I’m not too sure what happened to it. I’ve since moved on to prepping the storm of supplements that are on the horizon due to the nature of the end-game story.
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