Fragment 107 Insight

Delays are going to be rampant this season, I feel. I apologize, but sometimes things grow out of control, and priorities are priorities.

This was a tricky fragment to work on, mostly because it covers three distinct but equal perspectives as one. Balancing all of them out, while making each one feel unique with their own stance on their problem, was very hard to work. I hope it wound up alright, but this is another of those fragments that should be seen as a turning point or checkup rather than the closure of a serious development.

If there was any closure to be found in this one, it’s obviously the ending for three servants: Brynhildr, Sigurd, and a bit Arthur. Despite what happened and some punishments to be dealt out, it turned out very well for the newly arrived Sigurd and Brynhildr. It’s sad, but Arthur once more meets tragedy of a different kind if you wish to see it that way. I left it ambiguous on purpose, but still a heavy weight for the saber.

With everything I built up and revealed for the Valkyries, this offered the final ‘change’ catalyst in a string of dominos. I just thought it’d be rather poetic that the final stone that could push Thrud and Ortlinde closer to where Hild had daringly went was for all of them to be overwhelmed by the sheer sense of heroic chivalry that Arthur offered. As in, crossing the threshold of admiration and into the first stages of affection, similarly to what happened to their eldest.

I tried to include whatever references I could, such as the one for Altera and some drawn connections to a few other servants. Again, I wanted each Valkyrie to be on their own separate parts of this path, including unique attachments that capitalize on their traits. For Ortlinde, there’s still none quite yet due to her shy yet dutiful demeanor, while I made Thrud feel a bit more like a hypocrite since she chased an ideal image of elegance, which may or may not include clothes and beauty.

Despite little showings from them, I decided to make Hild the furthest along because she’s the most upbeat. I feel she’d grow more interested and open with all the possibilities and light hearted interactions that fill the halls. It’d be easy for the Valkyries to get excited with so many heroes, but no doubt she’d be the one to take the lead in the developmental leap over their fears. If Brynhildr can be happy after such tragedy, then couldn’t they possibly allow themselves too?

Hopefully it offered a bunch of stuff for all of you. With FoC Christmas 2 approaching, I just have one more rather weighty entry to put before we can focus heavily on some community events and festive occurrences.

Teaser: At first, she thought confrontation was inevitable. They were rivals, and Tomoe made it very clear to many how she felt on that day. Still, despite the clear show of anger during their first meeting, she’d forced herself in check and bottled it up. Not for her sake. Certainly not. But how do you go about talking to someone who still won’t listen? How do you clear honor that was never stained? How do you find true civil ground where only blades once danced together?

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