About the Author

Gender: A dude

Profession: Freelance Photographer

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Intense Workouts, Gaming, Writing

FGO Friend Code: It’s kept secret.

Games: Open World, Sandbox, Builders (City, park, etc.), Survival, RTS, FPS

Can listen to almost anything, but if given preference: Orchestral, Heavy Metal, or EDM (specifically Tropical House)

Your favorite Anime and Manga?

  • Fate/ Series mainly and near exclusively. Type Moon stuff because of relation. Otherwise I can count on one hand how much I’ve seen that wasn’t on Toonami back in the day. I’m honestly not a big anime/manga guy, and never go out of my way for it except for this. It was only roughly half way through 2015 that some high school friends managed to get me to watch a bit… with Fate/ being the primary. Erased and Death Parade are prime examples my friends pushed me into watching that year.

Who are your favorite servants? Your waifu? Do you have them in game?

  • Favorite servants is a mixed bag now. Constantly rotates. The top ones (consistently) in rough order are Napoleon, Mordred, Queen of Sheba, Iskandar, Medea, Gilgamesh, Mashu, Ereshkigal, Jack, Nobunaga, Achilles, and Medusa.
  • Drake gets a special side mention because she keeps appearing in my rolls.
  • I don’t have a waifu or anything of that sort. I like Fate/, but I’m definitely not into that sort of thing. I also dislike hentai and the like, but I don’t judge anyone who likes those things. They’re just not my interest. Yes, I’m one of the guys who didn’t like those select scenes in the Visual Novels, but I’m used to that as a story piece.
  • I have all of them and more in game. I’m a periodic whale since my job can easily support it, and it serves as a nice way for me to support Type Moon since physical merchandise isn’t my fancy… except books. Books are cool and take up barely any space.

Do you consider yourself a Fate/ Lore Expert?

  • Hell. No. I’m a far cry from an expert on Type Moon stuff. If anything, I’m just well read, but an aficionado from Beast Lair can run laps around me without a sweat, especially on Tsukihime; The Nasuverse is large as hell, and still expanding. Honestly, I’m glad my research has been enough for the readers, because it seems I’m getting most fine points right.

How did you get into fanfiction?

  • I’m a writer and former reader, for the sole purpose of “I can’t get enough Fate/” material to indulge in. That’s exactly why I started writing Fragments: I wanted to see new situations and interactions that F/GO made possible. No one was doing it, so I thought why the hell not. It was also to keep my screenwriting relatively “not-rusty”, and to act as another outlet for my overactive imagination and creativity.
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