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Fragment 111 Insight

An odd pick for Christmas, but we’re so often used to seeing it from our point of view that I thought an Oni’s take would be just as interesting. Not too far off either since Ibaraki enjoys festivals, but she’d have her own blend… Continue Reading “Fragment 111 Insight”

Fragment 101 Insight

Vlad had a rather weird predicament with his fragment. There wasn’t really a distinctive moment in his development compared to most other servants I’ve shown, so his entry wound up feeling pretty mellow and ordinary. It’s far from out of place in a Slice… Continue Reading “Fragment 101 Insight”

Fragment 98 Insight

Remember the teaser for Penthesilea’s entry? I spun it a little uniquely to incorporate the general concept of her fragment. It’s also a conclusive pointer towards what I did to ‘tweak/adapt’ her noble phantasm’s Ex rank in a curious way. Obviously stated, it’s about… Continue Reading “Fragment 98 Insight”

Fragment 90 Insight

This insight will be a little longer because Raikou provides a nice opportunity: To show how I can interpret characters and their dispositions while allowing room for growth for an otherwise ‘difficult’ individual. So, let’s get started. A tricky thing one needs to remember… Continue Reading “Fragment 90 Insight”

Fragment 82 Insight

I was very much considering lopping dozens upon dozens of medical terminology all over the place, but I decided to tone it down a bit. I still wished to flavor the fragment with occasional bouts of medical analysis and observations since it is about… Continue Reading “Fragment 82 Insight”

Fragment 71 Insight

A romance-heavier fragment is usually few and far between, but there’s usually at least one or two per season. Healing, soul-searching, and Slice of Life goodness usually take priority, so romance usually acts as a supplement topic if anything. So, Frankenstein made for a… Continue Reading “Fragment 71 Insight”

Fragment 68 Insight

It’s time for one of the second EOR era servant to make their appearance (since Arthur was technically the first). If it wasn’t obvious enough, this is a Hijikata separate from the one during the second Guda Guda. Obviously that will be addressed, but… Continue Reading “Fragment 68 Insight”

Fragment 59 Insight

The Mother’s Day fragment was pretty chipper and cheerful because it’s been a bit since we’ve had some silent angst. Because of last week’s teaser, it should have been obvious that this would be a unique case for a berserker. However, because of the… Continue Reading “Fragment 59 Insight”

Fragment 46 Insight

Didn’t see this servant coming at all, did you? Hyde is technically his own servant, and one of the ones who practically required their own fragment. Since Jekyll is the primary identity, the chances for Hyde to make an appearance are much more limited.… Continue Reading “Fragment 46 Insight”

Fragment 34 Insight

Saving Heracles’ fragment for later, but Asterios was a good fit for what was coming up. I took a few liberties with Chaldea’s most docile berserker next to Frankenstein. The main one is the extent of his ability to think and reason. While he’s… Continue Reading “Fragment 34 Insight”