Chaldean Community

“Here they were a family… an unusual, hectic, and often imperfect one… but that’s what made them perfect.”

It took many months after a tragic catastrophe, but Chaldea had done the impossible: They formed a community unparalleled. Servants got along with staff, robots, and even some curious new additions. Most of all, they managed to get along with each other on varying grounds of civility. It wasn’t always cordial or peaceful, but with all the present diversity, it was still a marvel to behold.

Below you will find many of the Departments, Cliques, Groups, and more that have formed in Fragments of Chaldea. These include all groups formed up to the latest fragment.

Obvious but Necessary Spoiler Warning: Everything that follows heavily spoils series’ interactions and developments. It’s best to use this as a refresher.

Chaldea’s Director Council

The smallest of the Chaldea’s structural groups. Since the Fuyuki Incident where Olga Marisbilly was murdered, there was an absence of any Official Director. Roman Archaman took on a position as acting-Chaldean Director to help steer the facility safely through its predicament. With his sacrifice, Da Vinci finally took up position as the official Chaldean Director. After successfully gaining independence from the Mage’s Association, she runs the facility with two assisting servant advisers, Lord El-Melloi II and David. She often calls upon important members in the community and the Chaldean masters for input regarding future decisions, but the council’s goal remains obvious: Create a comfortable environment for servants, humans, animals, and robots alike.

The Council has since grown to include official community ambassadors that provide input from varying perspectives. Their input is considered heavily influential, but not a final say. They are often called part of the council, but are otherwise separate from the executive trio.
Council Community Ambassadors: Gilgamesh, Caligula, Lancelot, Fergus mac Roich, Nitocris, Marie Antoinette, Naomi Stolarz, Gabrielle Rutherford, Head Chef Leandre, Rama, Amakusa, Xuanzang, Florence Nightingale, Chiron

Science Division

The second smallest of the five original branches of Chaldea, designated by their green ties. The Science Division was often at odds with the Magecraft Division until the Fuyuki Incident in April. They’re responsible for ongoing improvements to some of Chaldea’s technological assets, but were often undermanned thanks to former Director Marisbilly’s disinterest in their pursuit. Regardless, they are also responsible for some of Chaldea’s important assets.

Notable Departments

Bioscience: The most well-staffed of the Science Division’s departments. They are ultimately responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Biogardens, which grow Chaldea’s primary source of food in an emergency. Though their importance has diminished with the rise of leyshift supply sorties, they still provide some of Chaldea’s tastiest and freshest fruits and vegetables.

Engineering Division

One of the five original branches of Chaldea, designated by their orange ties. They help keep the facility running and are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. Anything from ventilation, broken elevators, or damaged blast doors are under their jurisdiction.

Notable Departments

Notable Members: Tyler
Former Members: Anton
A shared sub-group of both the Engineering and Science Divisions, but it’s slotted under the Engineering Division for document purposes. Personnel assigned to this group are responsible for the upgrade and maintenance of the robotic workforce. Prior to the Fuyuki Incident, they also occasionally produced more robots with their small production line. They are considered the largest department because nearly the entire Robotics Workforce is registered to them.
After the final confrontation with Goetia, their original home, the Robotics Hanger, was converted and assimilated into the new R&D Facility.

Logistics Division

One of the five original branches of Chaldea, designated by their yellow ties. They’re responsible for ensuring Chaldea is properly supplied with what it needs to operate day-to-day activities, such as cooking food. They were also in charge of properly cataloging and organizing supply shipments imported by the United Nations. After the Fuyuki Incident, their role and departments had grown to cater for the servants’ growing needs. Many in Chaldea say they were the true heroes of morale during the darker days.

Notable Departments

Supervisor: Delaqua
Helpers: Leonidas, Spartacus, Quetzalcoatl
Originally the Repair Department, the Furniture Department formed when servants began requesting more items for their own personal rooms. Their original workshop and attached warehouses soon turned into an active production facility, where the craftsman churned out designs that servants could enjoy. With the completion of the Grand Order, new personnel hired are no longer repairmen, but actual artisans and craftsman to further improve the quality of their furniture.

Owners: Naomi, Medea
Occasional Assistants: Boudica, Vlad
Originally just a storage group for clothing repair and distribution, the Clothing Department formed when servants weren’t just content with furniture. They wanted modern clothes too. The storage closet soon became a hard-driven workshop that produced quick and common clothing designs. Their list of options slowly expanded as months passed and their workers became more skilled by their supervisor’s tutelage.
After the completion of the Grand Orders, the Clothing Department was moved to the new Quality of Life Division. Their name and operation had also changed. From then on, they were the Stitch Witches, and their line of fashion and jewelry is on course for larger growth.

Magecraft Division

One of the five original branches of Chaldea, designated by their turquoise ties. They’re responsible for the acquisition and preservation of Magecraft related artifacts, runes, and items. They are in charge of several related rooms such as the Alchemical Room and Summoning Chamber. They were among one of the larger divisions in Chaldea, but their numbers sharply declined after Lev Leinor detonated several explosives to damage key equipment and personnel. Like other Divisions, their members were reassigned as needed to fill gaps.

Notable Departments

Members: Gudao, Gabrielle, Anishka
Though some of the recruits weren’t mages, the group was firmly slotted under Magecraft due to the mystical nature of the granted command seals. Chaldea was to have a sizable force to ensure servitude of its many hopeful servants, but their numbers were almost eradicated by Lev’s betrayal. Due to his schemes, all but one was killed by the chain of explosions.
Their numbers have since grown steadily, but the servants agreed that the numbers of masters should be kept to a minimum. They prefer quality of quantity: Accepting individuals they could trust would not betray them.

Former Member: Gabrielle
These mages were responsible for monitoring and handling newly arrived servants. Their numbers were mixed with combat mages in a hopeful attempt to help masters subdue uncontrollable servants. Their numbers were reduced to one after the Fuyuki Incident. With the promotion of its last member, it has since been disbanded.

Quality of Life Division

Notable Members: Naomi, Elsa
Often referred to as the Wellness Division too, this is Post-Grand Order Chaldea’s newest branch. Created by Da Vinci, their role is to fill their ranks with utilities and resources that help benefit Chaldea as a growing community, and not an organization. This includes various job positions such as event coordinators, craftsman, artisans, instructors, and health specialists. Their numbers are slowly filling since Chaldea’s entrance requirements are often stringent, but their impact is already obvious thanks to some of the earliest hires.
They currently have no departments, but have the Stitch Witches listed as one of their assets.

Security Division

Now known as “The Peacekeepers”
Captain: Okita
Special Agent: Hijikata
Lieutenants: Diarmuid, Fionn, Siegfried, Karna, Scathach
Notable Members: Sasaki, George, King Hassan, Rama, Cursed Arm, Raikou, Tomoe, Ushiwakamaru

Originally a security department for Chaldea and a loosely organized group of volunteers, the Peacekeepers are now a servant-run operation. Their structure is very informal, and often resembles a social group or community watch that can be called upon for assistance should trouble break out. Their members share a commitment to helping Chaldea retain its peaceful mood, which includes consequences for offending servants that do not require the authorization from the Chaldean masters or leading council.

Leyshift Personnel

Notable Members: Anton Schneller
Former Members: Anishka Sharma
The smallest of the five original branches of Chaldea, designated by their unique uniforms. They take specialists from the other four branches to help monitor and operate leyshift operations. Since these uniforms lack ties, the colors of their original branch color part of their jackets instead. They have no separate departments since they are roughly the size of one.

Social Groups

What makes Chaldea’s servants even more dangerous on the battlefield are the alliances, bonds, and friendships that inevitably form within the walls. While it was expected groups would form based on national origins, many social groups struck a new balance on similar chords. These cliques often form based on common interests, goals, or relations. Some even include regular staff or servants. A few are seen more as coworkers than social groups, but those of prominence will also be listed here. However they form, these groups form pillars of the community and sometimes hold sway in some fashion.

The Court of New Camelot
Pendragon Royal Family: Arturia, Emiya, Mordred, Arthur, Lily
New Knights of the Round: Lancelot, Gawain, Bedivere, Tristan, Mashu Kyrielight, Gareth
Court Jester Wizard: Merlin
Beloved Court: Irisviel, Kiritsugu, Illyasviel, Kuro, Gudao Fujimaru, Gabrielle Rutherford, Heracles, Jekyll, Ishtar, Parvati, Boudica, Diarmuid, Jeanne d’Arc
One of the largest social groups in Chaldea, Camelot was reborn from the trying times of the Sixth Singularity. After the King and her knights repaired their damaged relations, their court, as it was so called, slowly grew in number to include close family friends and companions who’ve helped make many great, new memories alongside them. They have their own dedicated lounge near Salon de Marie that also houses trophies, photos, and souvenirs. They’re close with the French. They also get along well with the Celts since many of the knights and royal family hold their drinks well.

The Party-Loving Celts
Self-Proclaimed Queens: Medb, Gabrielle
Members: Cu, Scathach, Diarmuid, Fionn, Fergus, Bazett McRemitz
A group of party-loving servants who grew close together based on their shared legendary origins in Ireland. Gabrielle was quickly accepted among their ranks for her ability to hold her drink, while Bazett was introduced later thanks to being Cu’s former master in another life. The latter is still adjusting to how friendly, casual, and alcohol-abusive the others are. They have a very friendly rivalry with Camelot that often includes waging ‘war’ through sports and ‘making peace’ through parties.

Salon de Marie
Matron: Marie
Beloved Staff: Mozart, Sanson, Chevalier d’Eon, Mata Hari, Gilles, Phantom of the Opera
Associated Members: Jeanne d’Arc, Edmond Dantes, Joan, Janna
The group originally formed around Sanson and Mozart’s ever fussy watch and rivalry over Marie. Ever since she requested the construction of her namesake room, Salon de Marie, she’s gotten the assistance of more and more fellow French. Some, like Dantes and Joan, simply lounge about in comfort, but most are voluntarily Marie’s staff to assist her in providing the best comfort found in all of Chaldea. Even while they’re working, they’ve found friendly comfort in each other, and are often seen together when deployed. They have great relations with Camelot.

Chaldean Culinary Masters
Members: Emiya, Tamamo, Boudica, Kiyohime, Parvati, Tamacat, Leandre
There is little question that Chaldea’s kitchen offers tastes that would make even the gods submit, and they often do. Their combined culinary expertise is critically acclaimed, unrivaled, and sates Chaldea’s appetite daily, yet they’re not arrogant about it. Their greatest joy is pleasing the appetites of everyone they serve, and are more than willing to teach others how to cook too. Frankenstein, Nitocris, and a few others have been known to occasionally ask for cooking lessons.

The Might of Rome
Emperors: Romulus, Julius Caesar, Nero, Caligula
Honorary Romans: Altera, Cleopatra, Leandre, Elsa
Originally a group solely for Roman Emperors, the initial incident with Altera opened their doors to others. From then on, they’ve accepted a few more honorary members into their ranks by affiliation or prestige. They’re often one of the loudest groups at dinner, with a designated table and dress code for Emperors. Thanks to some renovations, they even designed the auditorium to glow with the splendor of Rome as their own personal trophy in Chaldea. They get along exceptionally well with the Egyptians.

Glory of Uruk
The True King: Gilgamesh
The True King’s Greatest Friend: Enkidu
The Mostly Useless Goddess: Ishtar
The Adorable and Not-Useless Goddess: Ereshkigal
They never actually chose titles, but many believe this is what they would be. Forged from the flames of the Seventh Singularity, these four form one of the most prestigious groups in Chaldea. None can argue with their majesty, though the goddesses usually bring their own little quirks to the table. Their civility is glass that is often held firm by the mutual hobby of enjoying Ishtar making a fool of herself thanks to her host’s luck. The others agree, at least she’s far more manageable and acceptable in this state. They get along very well with the Egyptians.

The Redeemers
Members: Nightingale, Beowulf, Dantes, Joan, Angra Mainyu, Carmilla, Artesia
Like the rest, they never did carry an official name, but a reference sometimes spoken. To them, it was because of Nightingale’s and Dante’s insistence on ensuring everyone finds a place, even those with darker backgrounds or classes. This group is one of the most unusual, but there’s no denying they aren’t comfortable with each other. Sometimes there’s more bickering within than most groups, but it’s often just their quirky nature. Regardless, if one has trouble adapting, they’ll wind up friends with them sooner rather than later.

Ever-Shining Egypt
Head Pharaoh: Ozymandias
Pharaohs: Cleopatra, Nitocris, Iskandar
Another of the most prestigious groups in Chaldea. To be part of it, you must have carried the glorious title of pharaoh. Most are often shrouded with an air of superiority, though all are surprisingly friendly and engaging. So long as one carries themselves respectfully around most of them, there will never be issue. They have their own personal room lounge called the Pyramid, which is designed with the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt. They get along very well with the Romans and Uruk.

The Knitting Group
The Original Trio: Naomi, Medea, Vlad
New Members: Boudica, Elsa
Formed by a once surprising group of individuals, they’re one of the quietest and most respectful groups in Chaldea. They originally met only at lunch time, and are often found in Salon de Marie by a cluster of favorite ottomans. Their group remains small and quiet to this day, though they’re known to meet up for meals and other activities. They find comfort in the close companionship they formed from those of very different backgrounds.

The Royal Fashionistas
Members: Nero, Cleopatra, Semiramis, Carmilla
Their Cute Protege: Gareth
One of the newest groups in Chaldea, there are few that can match the prestige and pride of these four women. They pride themselves in t heir fashion choices, and even share a civil rivalry of trying to outdo each other’s looks. In the end, they’re still close friends who talk like the most popular girls in high school, yet that isn’t far from the case. They’re the Stitch Witches’ most demanding, but best, customers who often model their newest, most fabulous designs flawlessly.

The Children
Unofficial Leader: Illyasviel
Guardian: Gareth
Members: Jack, Nursery Rhyme, Kuro, Janna, Paul, Yedda, Miyu, Lily, Mia
One of the brightest sources of sunshine in all of Chaldea. It’s difficult not to find one’s mood lift when in their presence or watching them enjoy their home. They’re often found playing together or in smaller groups, and a chaperone of some sort, that varies by the day, usually tags along. Nowadays, their weekday morning are usually occupied by the newly established school.

The Chaldean Pack
The Benevolent Alpha: Fou
The Elder Guardians: Lobo, Red Hare
The Sphinxes: Mister Sprinkles, Rose, Princess, Kamilah, Whiskers, Hope
The Hyperactive Fluffballs: Gugalanna, Babe, Cavall II
Formed from the growing number of manifested bestial entities, a unique animal kingdom took root after the completion of the Grand Order. Although it often appears as a bunch of mature animals watching over playing young ones, one must not forget they are among Gaia’s favored. They’re often seen spending time in the Tropicana Forest, Lobo’s Den, or sometimes the beach.

The Geniuses
Members: Da Vinci, Babbage, Edison, Tesla, Helena, Paracelsus
These intellectuals are one of the looser associations in Chaldea. While they do get along, the four inventors often but heads when it comes to pride and prestige, though it only comes to blows with Edison and Tesla. Regardless of pride, they often put aside their differences to help improve Chaldea. Though the title usually often refers to the four actual inventors, Helena and Paracelsus are often included for their own contributions to advancing Chaldea. Though they were offered rooms in the R&D Facility, they spend most of their time elsewhere.

Chaldean Gamers Clan
Organizers: Tyler Fields, Iskandar, Tomoe
Members: Kintoki, Lord El-Melloi II, Mordred, Fuuma, Angra Mainyu, Blackbeard, unnamed employees
Less Active Affiliate Members: Shuten, Serenity, Cu, unnamed employees
Regardless of how active or competitive they are, if one enjoys video gaming as a social interaction, they’ve wound up as part of this social group. From the early days when there were only so many contraband video games and consoles found, these individuals and more finds tress release and entertainment in video games. With the Arcade’s completion and their return to the real world, there’s a wide range of games for them to enjoy and accel at. They’re currently looking into safely streaming and competing in tournaments.

Drinks Ahoy
Unofficial Organizers: Drake, Jing Ke, Shuten
Drinking Buddies: Robin, Fergus, Ibaraki, Ushiwakamaru, Li Shuwen
Occasionally Shows Up: Shiki
Originally two different groups, nearly all shared one thing in common: A love for alcohol. Drake, Fergus, and Robin had a long tradition of drinking together at the old Party Cave before it became Club Cove. They soon started joining or inviting the others as they formed their own group. Sometimes they still drink separately, but together the fun only grows. Li Shuwen, and Shiki when she shows up, are the odd ones out, but still appear for company. They’re destined rivals with the Celts when drinking games are involved.

The Spar-a-holics
Members: Lancelot, Siegfried, Karna, Achilles, Hyde, Beowulf, Cu, Fergus, Li Shuwen, and more
All servants like to spar to test their skill and prowess against others. Some are just plain addicted to it. Whatever the reason may be for wanting to spar, they do it often, and usually daily. Before, they were separate groups who randomly sparred with whoever was available. Recently, with Scathach and Chiron planning more organized training sessions, they’ve also begun to structure themselves. The rumor says they’re making an unofficial ‘Fight Club’ of sorts thanks to the absence of true war. Whatever the case may be, the Training Grounds never fails to give them their little delights.

The Holy Church
Members: Amakusa, Jeanne, George, Martha, Janna, Elsa
The servants of the cross quietly came to maintain Chaldea’s tiny chapel as they arrived. It was routine, and often a relaxing dance of meditation and prayer in the service of their Lord. With the advent of the Agora, their place of worship was upgraded into a real church and no longer shared among other religions. Elsa is the latest addition to their group, and Janna sometimes comes by to help when her friends aren’t dragging her to play somewhere.

The Tokyo War Friends
Self-Proclaimed Leader: Ozymandias
Members: Arthur, Brynhildr, Arash, Jekyll, Serenity, Paracelsus, Rena
As a true oddity in Chaldea, these seven servants, and Rena thanks to Serenity’s needs, have forgone the past completely to form a group of close friends who occasionally enjoy evenings together. Sometimes it’s drinks, others it’s to play games, but their cordiality with each other never seems to fade. Others are more than welcome to join them for some party games.

Fitness Gurus
Members: Delaqua, Leonidas, Spartacus, Quetzalcoatl, Penthesilea
More than just friends thanks to the Furniture Department, this social group blossomed by their mutual love of staying at the top of their game. Even if servants are already well toned and strong, they doesn’t stop them from helping their human friend and others reach higher levels of physical prowess. They’re often seen doing things together after the Grand Order’s completion. Hundred Face has been seen joining them on rare occasion too.

Members: Hans, Shakespeare, Medusa, Helena
They’re considered a mix between a social group and a bunch of coworkers considering they’re almost always only seen together in the library. They keep the room tidy, and are often found reorganizing it thanks to the steady supply of books picked up in singularities. They do get along well, though most of their conversations often derail and swing back to literary topics.

Servant Medical Team
Members: Nightingale, Irisviel, Jekyll, David, Mia
Helpers: Anishka
The Medical Bay is quickly refilling its numbers, but this medical team has become a foundational core. Like the Librarians, they’re seen far more as coworkers than a true social clique since they’re often found spending time with others. When they are in the Medical Bay, they get along well.

Morning Fisherman
Members: Angra Mainyu, Cu, Diarmuid, Chiron
They’re not actually a social group, but they’re seen so often together fishing in the resort some consider them a small one with room to expand should more fisherman appear. They just casually fish off the Marina and hope to catch something interesting. Occasionally someone else, like Scathach or an employee, joins them.

Families & Couples

The true testaments to the strength of growing bonds in Chaldea. Whether from past lives or unusual circumstances and developments, families have been sprouting up in Chaldea. Couples have also been forming where those find love sprouting from unusual, or previous, experiences. Here’s a list of families and couples that have formed, reunited, and/or bloomed within the walls.

Emiya Family
Mother: Irisviel
Father: Kiritsugu
Children: Emiya, Illyasviel, Kuro

Atalanta Family
Mother: Atalanta
Father: Achilles
Adopted Children: Jack, Nursery Rhyme
Pet: Kirby
Uncles: Hector, Orion
Goddessmother: Artemis

Mata Hari Family
Mother: Mata Hari
Father: Arash
Adopted Children: Paul

Saint Family
Eldest Sister: Jeanne
The Rowdy Middle: Joan
The Cute Youngest: Janna

Married Couples
Rama & Sita
Brynhildr & Sigurd
Caesar & Cleopatra

Engaged Couples
Arturia & Emiya
Anton & Frankenstein

In a Relationship
Gudao & Mashu
Mordred & Jekyll
Kintoki & Shuten
Anne & Mary
Medb & Fergus
Semiramis & Amakusa
Tyler & Serenity
Carmilla & Hijikata
Dantes & Joan

Uncertain or Denied (But Rumors Abound)
Nobunaga & Okita
Delaqua & Leonidas

Foreign Delegations

With their return to real-time, and a week long ordeal involving political turmoil and action, Chaldea has become a fully independent organization. But they did not shut their door to two of the world’s largest factions. Chaldea retains ties to the United Nations and Mage’s Association as a show of good will and honesty. In exchange for solidarity, both factions have small teams based in Chaldea to help oversee they and their leyshift operations maintain a code of ethics and standards, though these can vary between the factions.

Clock Tower Investigation Team
Notable Members: Vernier, Flat Escardos, Touko Aozaki
Headed by Vernier, this hand-picked group of mellower mages are tasked with going through the documented reports of Chaldea’s months-long absence and to ensure leyshift operations aren’t causing further discord in the timeline. Though Vernier is civil and accommodating, likely due to the Tumangang incident, the other mages can be a bit dismissive or arrogant. Nonetheless, they remain civil. It’s also widely accepted that the other lesser known mages are secretly spying on them for their superiors, but it’s of little concern considering Chaldea’s martial strength. Regardless, there’s ever a watchful eye on those other mages’ movements.

Vigil Detachment – Vanguard Platoon
Notable Members: Sergei, Skyler, Artesia, Omar, Bazett McRemitz, Kairi Sisigou
As agreed upon between Chaldea and Task Force Vigilance’s alliance, Vanguard Platoon is stationed in Chaldea, both to give them extra operational coverage in the southern hemisphere, and to help oversee leyshift operations for the United Nations. They’re one of the Vigil’s most elite units, but are noted for their discipline and adherence to Chaldea’s peace. Thanks to their own accommodations in Chaldea’s new Port District, they usually and respectfully keep to themselves. If anything, some say they’re too respectful, but a welcome contrast to the Clock Tower team.

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