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Chapter 7 Insight

Far more action in the chapters to come. This is one of the two last pure dialogue chapters, and the second one will be arriving soon as well. Compared to the other days, Gilgamesh had a pretty even day today. Though seeing Kingu made… Continue Reading “Chapter 7 Insight”

Chapter 6 Insight

And now a long battle sequence. Fortunately, this wasn’t as confusing as writing defending the town during TGL. There were three distinct locations so it was easy for people to get their bearings, though I gave just enough details to describe rough locations. Otherwise,… Continue Reading “Chapter 6 Insight”

Chapter 5 Insight

This chapter I wanted to portray a few peculiar points from different angles. As many are aware, Gilgamesh has very good self awareness. His sense of self is what caused him to be rejected by the grail at the end of Fate/Zero, but there’s… Continue Reading “Chapter 5 Insight”

Chapter 4 Insight

This chapter has a lot of jumping around than initially designed. Before the poll was placed, this was practically going to be all Gil scenarios when ruling. Admittedly, it may have even grown a tad stale if this were the case, so the extra… Continue Reading “Chapter 4 Insight”

Chapter 3 Insight

Complimentary Gilgamesh “Onore” button for the last line! Time skip! Giant time skip… but it happens in the story too, so that’s fine. Evidenced here, yes, I did just pull the “character bloat” drawback in spades. There’s now a lot more servants running around… Continue Reading “Chapter 3 Insight”

Chapter 2 Insight

I’m going to be very honest here: This is likely the hardest chapter I’ll have to write for the story. After several re-writes, I’m still partially uncertain if it came out correctly, but I guess that’s just me harping over my own quality and… Continue Reading “Chapter 2 Insight”

Chapter 1 Insight

Here we start to see where I cut some drastic corners. From the beginning to the argument in the throne room, I squeeze pieces from two canon chapters into one while omitting a fair amount. To be honest, a lot of what was removed… Continue Reading “Chapter 1 Insight”

Prologue Insight

And so it has begun! New Story! New Dividers! I’m admittedly a little too excited about new dividers! After taking some feedback to how Camelot went, I did fully intend for this to be as short as possible without wrecking the story. It’s the… Continue Reading “Prologue Insight”

Epilogue Insight

Ah, finally here. You’ve made it! I’ve made it! We’re done with the journey through Camelot, and so are they! The last chapter of F/GO confirmed Mashu knew about her condition, but I had it in place well before then anyway. Come on, people.… Continue Reading “Epilogue Insight”

Chapter 18 Insight

Reinforcements pretty much turned the tide. Was it a risky maneuver? Yes it was, but it paid off. It did have its setbacks too, so Gudao will at least try a more… stable setting to experiment with new ideas next time… hopefully. That said,… Continue Reading “Chapter 18 Insight”