Chapter 5 Insight

This chapter I wanted to portray a few peculiar points from different angles. As many are aware, Gilgamesh has very good self awareness. His sense of self is what caused him to be rejected by the grail at the end of Fate/Zero, but there’s still a difference between knowing who you are, accepting who you are, and acknowledging your faults as something that can be improved. His arrogance has blinded him to what he can be; He’s content and proud of what he is, so why does he need to change? This chapter merely placed the final nail in the coffin after everything he’s heard, witnessed, and experienced in the past ten days.

Fun Fact: Thank the FoC memorial essence mechanic and FGO in general. If it wasn’t for Child Gil’s memories in combination with being in Babylonia, this provides one of the rare extremes that can actually move an ocean.

I decided to give the old woman at the flower shop a name as opposed to what the game did. I’m pretty sure she remained nameless and only served as one plot key, but that’s not fun. I feel like she has some extra potential, so I have her influential to Gilgamesh in a way too.

Lots of moon scenes. If you still haven’t guessed by now, which would be a surprise, it’s a pretty centralized theme that helps tie many things together. I’ll go into my whole opinion of the matter at the “End of Story” insight. The Epilogue will contain the last bits necessary to tie everything completely together, of course.

Besides the end, which is the stepping stone for the first serious battle depiction, this chapter has the final necessary components to Gilgamesh’ call to action. It seemingly took ages for him to realize the true state of things, but it was the only real way. In all honesty, I feel it was a touch short considering how many days they’ve been in the singularity, but there was a lot that he has been through. Now it’s just a matter of making it happen through the guidance of the remaining parts.

As a small side mention, there are only four character slots allowed for mention on, but if I could have just two more I would add them. They’ve only just reached the start their minor roles in comparison to the others, but Iskander and Ozymandias also play roles in this whole endeavor. Iskander’s begins next chapter though.S

There’s only one soundtrack because it just fits too well with the entire feeling of this chapter… except the end, obviously. That one doesn’t have a piece though.

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