Chapter 4 Insight

This chapter has a lot of jumping around than initially designed. Before the poll was placed, this was practically going to be all Gil scenarios when ruling. Admittedly, it may have even grown a tad stale if this were the case, so the extra scenes did help to put some perspective and anchor to the Babylonia story. Not enough, but just enough proper information for those who have not read Babylonia.

It still surprises me how many are reading this and haven’t read either Babylonia or Fragments (or both).

The battle sequence at the lighthouse was intentionally left out. I will not state the full reason, but it was simply redundant with the more heavier weight scene X in the mix. The same case happened for most of the enemy Ishtar’s scene, where she’s pretty much overwhelmed anyway since Chaldea knows exactly what Ishtar is capable of. It pays to have your own servant.

To no surprise, Gilgamesh has a rough start relearning how to be a proper king, and I made sure to explain very clearly why. While it’s mostly the fault of his arrogance, I did enough drops to explain to what extent and what other factors played in. I also made sure to give Siduri some confident attitude to show there were a rare few who were very willing to criticize the king without fear. If anyone was capable of doing that, it was Siduri I’d imagine.

Comedy still sporadically appears in these chapters, but that’s part of the main story too. There’s a lot of uplifting parts to balance the entire story as a whole… and make the ending that much more potentially painful. This is a tragedy, but it’s not a full tragedy. doesn’t have much variety in terms of picking suitable genres, sadly. Simply enjoy the uplifting parts, because starting in Chapter 5, those are going to be showing up less often.

Soundtrack Disclaimer: The music doesn’t fit 100% all the time since it can’t be customized. When I pick music for a chapter or scene, it’s because it was the most inspiring piece played when writing. While it may work for me and what I visualize, it might not work for you. Feel free to give it a try.

There’s two pieces as usual. First works in the beginning and middle, doing a fair job of bringing the ambiance of the varying scenes.

The second one is better for the much more serious talks, such as VI, VIII, IX, and X.

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