Chapter 1 Insight

Here we start to see where I cut some drastic corners. From the beginning to the argument in the throne room, I squeeze pieces from two canon chapters into one while omitting a fair amount. To be honest, a lot of what was removed was mostly background material. Some haven’t been completely omitted due to direct relevance, but have been moved to another time. As stated before, this isn’t a complete retelling, so reading the full translation definitely helps with understanding.

As noted with the gate scene, I’ve also shifted some lore reveals appropriately. Learning about the cannons on the wall should have come much later, but when Gilgamesh sees his treasures being hauled off, you know he’s going to say something.

When two Gilgamesh meet, there’s going to be an argument even if one is more mature. Can you blame the older one though? Many canon scenes have been shifted ever so slightly due to various variables, and this is one notable example. I figured with such a powerful showing, the King of Uruk would be more willing to give a compliment or two and acknowledge Chaldea’s seriousness. Most of the main story in the game is written with simplicity’s sake by not taking other servants (besides Mashu and helpers) into account. I merely show what it would be like with select servants on scene.

Naming confusion, as shown with Their Guiding Light, is handled appropriately in my work. So far, only the Ishtars remain partially confusing to identify, but this was done on purpose. When the story continues down the canon line, there will finally be clarification later.

So far, I’ve been giving Gilgamesh a pretty hard time with the situation, but I believe this is roughly how things would turn out for the arrogant archer. Whether or not it continues you’ll have to find out next chapter, due out later this week since my planned update schedule is back on track.

The first one works well until the dream sequence ends. 

The second one does a fair job with the rest, but doesn’t quite catch the tension during the argument in the Throne Room. 

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