Prologue Insight

And so it has begun! New Story! New Dividers! I’m admittedly a little too excited about new dividers!

After taking some feedback to how Camelot went, I did fully intend for this to be as short as possible without wrecking the story. It’s the reason I set a 5 chapter limitation on future supplements, which I decided to scrap. It’s unfair to the story to give it such a limitation, but it’s also bad to stay away from Fragments (the core) for too long. So I’ve made the middle ground flexible.

Also, admittedly the 5 chapters were already looking to be around 15k words each by the outline, so I figured I may as well poll the readers to see if they want that limitation pulled. From now on, there’s no limit, but I’ll keep things appropriate.

Their Guiding Light’s Prologue was fairly straightforward, yet a tad boring since it was a basic setup from Chaldea. I aimed to change that with this one, and I feel I executed that perfectly with a mix of tones. I feel very confident about what I have in store for everyone with this story, and all you have to do is wait and see how I’ve interweaved this with the actual plotline.

Admittedly, the only actual confusing part is keeping track of who’s currently deployed. Camelot also had the issue, but it stemmed from the idea both Gabrielle and Gudao use full teams; This idea has been long founded in Fragments of Chaldea, and is merely something that needs to be done properly. That said, I made it very clear who’s going to be key based on their appearance and exposition. With all the side and passing mentions in Fragments, those who have been reading that should be accustomed to picking out who’s important in the scene.

I did my best to make it as accommodating for those just jumping into Redemption from Sin, but there’s only so much I can do. Each supplement acts like an extension of the core story, and are supposed to be seen as really large and non-Slice-of-Life fragments. If you skip over everything that has previously been written, of course you’re going to be lost. As long as the series has become, it definitely rewards those who have stuck around or read since the beginning.

With nothing to really say about the self-explanatory prologue, I’ll simply say I hope you’re all ready for the journey ahead, because Gilgamesh certainly isn’t. Chapter 1 has been delayed due to work and FGO NA’s release, so it will be released in a week like the core story’s usual update schedule. See you then!

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