Epilogue Insight

Ah, finally here. You’ve made it! I’ve made it! We’re done with the journey through Camelot, and so are they!

The last chapter of F/GO confirmed Mashu knew about her condition, but I had it in place well before then anyway. Come on, people. She’s been confined to a single room and underwent experiments, then gets access to a facility where people will likely talk about families and so forth. That’s not even taking into account my own vision of Chaldea to throw more cogs into the “Sherlock Holmes” loving Mashu. There’s no possible way she didn’t realize this. And so she uses it and feels it. She wants a family. And she gets one in the form of Lancelot, and a significant other who could be shoved in a bell at any moment by a single slip.

God damn you, Kiyohime. At least Mashu also gets an honorary seat at the newly made table.

Finally, Mordred gets to hear the word she always wanted to hear… regardless of how awkward of a time it is to run around Chaldea calling each other father and son. While I agree Arturia is technically the father in this case, Mordred’s whole “don’t call me a girl” and son thing is a little awkward. I’ve talked with ffure21 about it personally to get her take, and generally speaking, we believe it has to do more with the era they were born into. Sons are more sought after than daughters for obvious reasons. They also can’t be knights… but then you have Sir Gawain’s sister who apparently was and… yea it’s a mess. But I digress.

They’re finally mending the bridge, though the giant talk about why you would start a rebellion and so forth I decided to actually leave off the table. It’s no longer a matter of how that’s explained, but just that it is. The olive branches are extended, which is the part that matters. Olive branches across all lines.

Lancelot and Gawain are finally acting like comrades for once, and Gudao drops the best news possible: A catalyst for Bedivere. He’s a human, so even with magic repairing armor and cloth, I suspect anything “taken” would remain after he disintegrates. Hence, Gudao with scissors and a master plan. It works. Will this catalyst idea work with other servants? Likely now, but there may be other ways. I did it as a ncie touch to “why can X servant be automatically obtained after a singularity.” Unfortunately, Gilles and Geronimo aren’t in Chaldea so I guess I flubbed canon on that regard. Ah well, can’t have everything perfect sometimes.

Caliburn was the final piece of the puzzle. It is the icon of her kingship, and so for it to return with a memorial essence after all they’ve been through is beyond symbolic. I preferred this over Emiya and Arturia tracing Caliburn and using that. It’s symbolic in the wrong way to summon the blade and then have it shatter when defeating the Lion King. Considering the actual time it shattered she had broken the code of chivalry in a duel, that was not the point I was trying to convey. At all.

And so they finally fight together as a team. Complimenting each other very well and so forth. Not much else to really say about the ending, it’s pretty damn obvious after all. Thanks for reading all of the supplemental story guys! I hope you enjoyed the journey, and we will return you to your regularly scheduled Fragments of Chaldea within the next 48 hours.


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