Chapter 6 Insight

And now a long battle sequence.

Fortunately, this wasn’t as confusing as writing defending the town during TGL. There were three distinct locations so it was easy for people to get their bearings, though I gave just enough details to describe rough locations. Otherwise, it still roughly followed the plan of the original story as stated… even so much as to the demise of key servants. No matter how much you try, some things will always happen. It’s simply just a matter of designing how it happened to make it feasible and not too contrived.

That was the only real trick. How was Ushiwakamaru going to follow her same path when Chaldea has all these resources? As a free agent, she and Benkei didn’t need to follow any master’s order, nor do they receive the telepathic messages. Cut off communication and draw in a perceived, dire circumstance through instinct, and she’ll still try to do the honorable thing.

The only remaining issue was handling her actual demise, but with enough of Gudao’s forces injured and with no communication, that secures that. Not even Ishtar’s assistance will be enough at that point. It could still be seen as somewhat contrived, but with the condition of Gudao’s team, a tactical withdrawal (or retreat, heh) was still the best bet to at least regain a telepathic link.

On the other hand, Leonidas’ demise was much simpler. He needs someone to protect from the composite goddess, and there just happens to be two very specific targets for the maddened deity. It was honestly a ruthless dose of tragedy to stack them like that, but it definitely did the trick. This is a tragic story after all.

All that lined up smoothly, but I purposefully ensured Gilgamesh and Enkidu would not get that proper fight. With so many around, it just wasn’t possible for them to get an even one on one, but Gilgamesh got a few other things out of it. This chapter didn’t have a huge focus on him, but it was still apparent. There was a lot of added fluff to this piece in particular, and it wound up being a good decision since it became far less convoluted and confusing with inconsistent jumps.S

There’s only one for this chapter, because it’s battle sequences.

That said, I will admit I also played this a few times just for laughs. This is not a real soundtrack pick (joke pick), but it sure as hell fits the theme of the latter half.

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