Chapter 3 Insight

Complimentary Gilgamesh “Onore” button for the last line!

Time skip! Giant time skip… but it happens in the story too, so that’s fine.

Evidenced here, yes, I did just pull the “character bloat” drawback in spades. There’s now a lot more servants running around alongside already established ones, which could make for some confusion. Just remember, folks, the central characters are always highlighted compared to rest. It’s already fairly obvious who’s going to be followed in this story to help compliment Gilgamesh; Think of the others mainly as fill in their own ways, or as complimenting colors to help paint the scenery around the actual subjects.

I hope this chapter also serves as a precedent and confidence-booster that I can place a whole bunch of servants together without making things too confusing.

In this chapter, it becomes more obvious which scenes are more akin to “fluff” I was talking about when saying if people wanted me to extend the supplement. Some of the newly added scenes are very well hidden, but this chapter makes it fairly obvious which ones were expansions. Specifically, sections II, III, IV, V, and VII are clearly added for fluff value.

What I mean by this, is if you remove those scenes, you don’t really lose any insight into Gilgamesh’s character development. In regards to the main premise and plot of my story, they are without a doubt basically meaningless. However, they serve a different purpose, and that’s to show subtle changes in the original storyline of Babylonia as it this fic runs alongside it. They act as anchors so the reader, who has read Babylonia, can look at those scenes and go “Oh okay. This is where we are in relation to the story.”

As stated before, I’m not going too deeply into the main story unless it’s necessary. References and scenes like this are your small portals that tether the stories together.

I really didn’t talk much about what happened in this author’s note, because it’s not necessary. Gilgamesh mellowed out a touch thanks to being in his kingdom and the experiences he’s endured thus far. There’s really nothing more to point out with him or the supporting characters at this time. Next chapter is the real ticket for finding out how Gilgamesh handles his new… or old… predicament.

I think two per chapter seems about right for music. Might increase, might only be one in the future. Who knows. Will vary per chapter most likely.

Soundtrack Disclaimer: The music doesn’t fit 100% all the time since it can’t be customized. When I pick music for a chapter or scene, it’s because it was the most inspiring piece played when writing. While it may work for me and what I visualize, it might not work for you. Feel free to give it a try.

First soundtrack fits most of the chapter. It’s very upbeat yet relaxing, so I find this fitting.

The second part, which has more thought and rather tame discussions, fits better with this one running in the background.

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