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Equilibrium Final Words

As traditional to end a supplement, this is the theme song for Equilibrium. It’s another strong piece in its own right, but it was pretty hard finding one that captured the two distinct paces of this supplement. It wound up working pretty well though,… Continue Reading “Equilibrium Final Words”

Epilogue Insight

SKYS kinda pointed out the story’s ending could double as an ending for the entire series. I guess it could have, but obviously there’s a lot in the plans. It’s funny how the smallest projects turn into longer endeavors than anyone realized. I placed… Continue Reading “Epilogue Insight”

Chapter 10 Insight

This seems like a nice chapter to end on, and it very much could be, but I still have a few final pieces to slide into place for the transition. A nice and steady shift from the underlying tension to the much more lighthearted… Continue Reading “Chapter 10 Insight”

Chapter 9 Insight

Funny. I split it into two chapters just so I wouldn’t be cramming everything and Chapter 9 still winds up being 15.5k words long. I got everything I wanted in, at least. This is the last of the action. The rest of the story… Continue Reading “Chapter 9 Insight”

Chapter 8 Insight

The tricky thing about a Military Thriller is striking the balance when it came to descriptions. I’m limited in what I can do with writing when it comes to explaining the situation in a timely manner. Too much descriptive info, it turns into a… Continue Reading “Chapter 8 Insight”

Chapter 7 Insight

For those unaware, I gave a light introduction into the aggravation that is the Rules of Engagement. Modern warfare follows sets of rules and regulations these days. While they serve an honest purpose, there are also times they’re barricades that put things in jeopardy.… Continue Reading “Chapter 7 Insight”

Chapter 6 Insight

I felt like battles haven’t been as big lately, but I’ve definitely been aiming to change that with the genre shift. Hopefully these servant battles aren’t too confusing and offer just enough of a taste of what’s to come! More lore drops, but like… Continue Reading “Chapter 6 Insight”

Chapter 5 Insight

So yea. Massive lore drop, or at least as much as I could manage without risking the dialogue and scenes going terribly off to one side and/or stilted. I had to get plenty of reveals and some tidbits of information out of the way… Continue Reading “Chapter 5 Insight”

Chapter 4 Insight

Answers galore, Part I! Answers galore Part II will arrive next week. Really, all there really is to talk about for this insight are the tons of reveals, but the chapter explained those thoroughly enough in preparation for next chapter. That one will go… Continue Reading “Chapter 4 Insight”

Chapter 3 Insight

When all of a sudden everything has gone to hell. Heavy suspense still persists, yet I threw in quite the escalation. Though it has a few mystery elements by virtue of its design, this is still coined as a thriller. Escalation is necessary, and… Continue Reading “Chapter 3 Insight”