Category: Supplement Insights

Chapter 2 Insight

First off, let’s be honest. If there was anyone who can get away with pulling bullshit maneuvers at the drop of a hat, it’s Merlin. I just didn’t let him get away with it for free because then that would have really been bullshit.… Continue Reading “Chapter 2 Insight”

Chapter 1 Insight

I think the hardest part about making this chapter was just making sure it was obvious Lev and Goetia were talking at the same time. I tried to make it clear with cues, and then added a few extra links at SKYS’ recommendation. Hopefully… Continue Reading “Chapter 1 Insight”

Prologue Insight

Minor Error: Original entry had Tamamo listed twice by mistake during a reorganizing flub. #16 is Shuten. The mistake has been fixed. So, for all the JP players out there, I’m sure the alarm bells were ringing pretty thoroughly. If they weren’t, they should have… Continue Reading “Prologue Insight”

Chapter 14 Insight

All chapter titles are now added! Despite the occasional slow parts, I feel I captured the mood of the final battle quite well. I added the referential time stamps during the final scenes to give a reference this wasn’t just all at once and… Continue Reading “Chapter 14 Insight”

Chapter 13 Insight

I purposefully didn’t name all the servants present in the final battle. Another one of my pet peeves is seeing a large list of names stacked together. I listed the remaining servants because there were only so few remaining, but the fleet was another… Continue Reading “Chapter 13 Insight”

Chapter 12 Insight

Tiamat did get the grail; That was inferred by the lahmus that were absorbed. I tried to make Tiamat feel like a final level’s boss she was showcased to be. I’ll showcase more next chapter, but I wanted her to feel gigantic, imposing, and… Continue Reading “Chapter 12 Insight”

Chapter 11 Insight

The lahmu are supposed to be as powerful as sphinxes, but I decided to pull a slight nerf on them. Yes, they’re powerful, but as stated in canon, they’re still learning. As such, they have basic instincts still, but also unrefined combat skills. Throwing… Continue Reading “Chapter 11 Insight”

Chapter 10 Insight

One thing people would want to see besides Enkidu and Gilgamesh properly reuniting? The two fighting. Too bad it’s Kingu though. It did give me leeway for some interesting changes and adaptations though. One would be his lack of the Presence Detection A+ and… Continue Reading “Chapter 10 Insight”

Chapter 9 Insight

Segment VI was a difficult scene to write. The reason is, the canon decisions both don’t actually fit what Gudao would say. He’d have his own unique answer based off of those two combined. Going off that, I wrote the scene as he would… Continue Reading “Chapter 9 Insight”

Chapter 8 Insight

Writing this chapter was both fun and tricky. The same things needed to happen as the canon story, but it had to be woven properly. There were servants to consider, situations to mold, and problems to introduce in order to make it all mesh.… Continue Reading “Chapter 8 Insight”