Chapter 7 Insight

Far more action in the chapters to come. This is one of the two last pure dialogue chapters, and the second one will be arriving soon as well.

Compared to the other days, Gilgamesh had a pretty even day today. Though seeing Kingu made his rage boil, it also did wonders to vent his anger. There were also no real arguments since he considers bickering with his other half commonplace at this point. Hope he enjoys the calm before the real storm begins, because the winds will be picking up from here. I won’t go too much into his train of thought because… well, it should be obvious at this point after so many chapters.

Good on you, Enkidu. Pushing Gil to do things when you’re not even present… technically… sorta.

If you thought the final scene looked ambiguously like a marriage, you were kinda right. I did that on purpose, but it’s definitely a top tier platonic relationship I’ve been painting. Clearly that wasn’t the king’s intent; Gilgamesh would just likely wish to make a big deal of that occasion since Enkidu is the only person he’d ever consider a friend.

New characters are starting to play smaller roles in Gilgamesh’s train of thought. Though Iskander is playing a very partial, listening role at the moment, he’ll be more helpful to Gilgamesh later down the line. This chapter it was Ana who unknowingly started a new concept for him. Since his arrogance is being withheld to an extent, he’s noticing more and more things. It just took a small servant with an unknowing statement to make him see the little things that matter.

For those wondering, Medusa isn’t getting too much screentime. She’s suffering from her own nightmare, but I’m not delving into it too deeply because it’s not her story. It’s an unfortunate collateral damage, but it was necessary to trim the fic down from a potentially colossal scale. This was never intended to be a full retelling as glimpsed by the small “anchor” scenes that barely shed light.

That said, longtime fans are well aware how far ahead I plan. So… I will go right ahead and get some hype started early for a change by dropping a reveal: I saved Medusa’s fragment for a reason. It’s number 48.S

This one is for more contemplative scenes. It doesn’t fit for II and VIII though, though it wasn’t chosen for them. It’s a repeat selection, but it’s a great piece.

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