Chapter 2 Insight

I’m going to be very honest here: This is likely the hardest chapter I’ll have to write for the story. After several re-writes, I’m still partially uncertain if it came out correctly, but I guess that’s just me harping over my own quality and intricacy.

As a dialogue and character analysis based chapter, it was an interesting tightrope. I had to draw the stark differences between Caster Gilgamesh and a (partially) KoGil-influenced Archer Gilgamesh. Part of the hard part was ensuring it didn’t sound like a total praise-session for Gilgamesh in general, which was a rather fix thanks to another heated argument between them.

Since Gudao and Gabrielle are presumed to encounter the old man because of the original story, I thought it’d be a nice touch to have him give a few choice words to Gilgamesh too. Anyone who has read Babylonia knows who he is, so it was only fitting he give some advice in his own way to someone who needs it.

There’s also the slight bit of closure I gave for Merlin’s feelings on the whole situation. Given everything that Gudao and Gabrielle have done in the last singularity, the caster would likely have a much different opinion of the masters than simply being their number one fan. I believed he’d be over the moon, honestly, and so it opened the door to a very specific gift only he’s able to manage.

I know it’s been three entries and Day one only just ended, but this is where things accelerate. Rapidly. There’s even a small time skip because we don’t need to go over much of the fluff again. Also, some have noticed there’s quite a few lighthearted tones in this tragedy, but that’s the case for Babylonia’s actual plotline too.

Enjoy it while it lasts…

Soundtrack Disclaimer: The music doesn’t fit 100% all the time since it can’t be customized. When I pick music for a chapter or scene, it’s because it was the most inspiring piece played when writing. While it may work for me and what I visualize, it might not work for you. Feel free to give it a try.

The first works for the first half when things are relatively smooth. 

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