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Fragment 114 Insight

Slowly but surely the fic advances a bit further. Mostly slowly. D’Eon was a bit of a curveball in terms of how I got to focus the fragment. I really wanted to capitalize on their spying attribute to offer a showcase of all the… Continue Reading “Fragment 114 Insight”

Fragment 109 Insight

Nero was a bit of a hit and miss fragment to write with some annoyances. One annoyance being that regardless of how I write it, there’s bound to be those will complain the fragment is just “shilling Nero like everything else is.” Even if… Continue Reading “Fragment 109 Insight”

Fragment 106 Insight

Special Thanks to Mod 「」 on the discord for doing extra validity checks, and Happy Birthday! If this entry felt very confusing, repetitive, and rambling in philosophy… Congrats. That was the point: To be a near-pointless, philosophical merry-go-round. Strange, no? When you pick up… Continue Reading “Fragment 106 Insight”

Fragment 21 Insight (Revisited)

I had to fix the viewpoint of this fragment heavily because it was split evenly between Mordred and Iskandar. The latter still gets a tiny few perspective shifts, but they were by necessity as final paving stones for the supplement. The intent of this… Continue Reading “Fragment 21 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 10 Insight (Revisited)

This was the first fragment to directly follow another in terms of themes, design, or subplot/arc. Whereas most early fragments were revised or tweaked to include more interlacing, this one remained roughly the same in that regard. Season 1 can be seen as laying… Continue Reading “Fragment 10 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 92 Insight

I knew long before I would write this one that it would be unorthodox compared to the vast majority. For one, it’s the first fragment from an outsider’s point of view. Saber Alter is still Vigil and has no true connection to Chaldea other… Continue Reading “Fragment 92 Insight”

Fragment 45 Insight

Very few could cut the que line, but Arthur had enough links compatibility to make a better fit in this section. This fragment was originally going to be Gawain’s, but I felt he had a lot of show time and development in Their Guiding Light.… Continue Reading “Fragment 45 Insight”

Fragment 40 Insight

As a side note, special thanks needs to be given to etheral-23 for all the assistance he’s provided making the Indian Heroes’ Fragments extra fluffy and insightful. They really do have quite the interesting backdrop going on, even with Type Moon’s small changes. Starting… Continue Reading “Fragment 40 Insight”

Fragment 37 Insight

Just a small aside before we get into this note, I’d simply like to point out that servant spotlight decisions aren’t all that random. Usually the servant has something to do with the events involved, that way they’re not simply watching something occur… and… Continue Reading “Fragment 37 Insight”

Fragment 35 Insight

Yes. While I did hope this would be a catalyst to re-summon the Guda Guda event, it came earlier than anticipated. I hardly mind, since Okita’s fragment was planned for this point anyway. With all the mounting tension, which I’ve still been throwing in,… Continue Reading “Fragment 35 Insight”