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Fragment 1 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

It was technically Jeanne’s fragment to begin with, but it felt very lacking compared to my new standard of writing. This now sets the precedent for the other upgrades the early Fragments will receive. The original was pretty much Jeanne getting to sing without… Continue Reading “Fragment 1 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”

Fragment 89 Insight

This is the first new insight posted to the Fragments of Chaldea homepage, mostly because Artemis’ final ascension art would’ve likely been smacked by the tumblr bot. Wonky NSFW bots aside, we’ve arrived at another dual servant. As shown with Jekyll and Hyde, both… Continue Reading “Fragment 89 Insight”

Valeria Delaqua

Furniture Department Supervisor,and blooming Legendary Fighter Debut Fragment: 36Affiliation: Logistics Division Education: Technical School Heritage: Russian, Raised in AustraliaAge: 28Height: 166cmHair: Fiery RedEyes: Pale Green Likes: Marathons, Children, Large CheeseburgersDislikes: Body shaming, Instagram, How unhealthy Cheeseburgers areFears: RidiculeFavorite Color: Red Key Personality Traits: Very self-conscious, Hard Working,… Continue Reading “Valeria Delaqua”