Fragment 110 Insight

While it was easy enough to make Nursery Rhyme’s another sugar-overload fragment, I wanted it to be a blend of other possibilities too. Nothing sad for the holidays, but enough to show Nursery Rhyme’s many other potential sides since she’s not exactly a true child. Just like Jack. Except Jack was far more interested in weaponizing cuteness and living the childhood their collective never did.

For Nursery Rhyme, it’s a bit of the opposite: Obviously her goal as an entity is to bring happiness to others in her presence, thanks to the master’s disposition on summoning. Adding some other points, like not holding her tongue around others, being smart and creative where it counts, incredibly elegant for her favorite past times… The fragment drove that point home. Or at least I hope it did.

For once I didn’t overload a fragment with foreshadowing. As necessary as it is to keep things interconnected and moving along, a rather mundane fragment is fine too. I believed there was plenty of potential speculation to be garnered just by the introduction of three new servants. I’m still way behind on that, but I’d rather not rush intros and let them sit around twiddling their thumbs for cameos. I probably repeated that point a dozen times by now.

I honestly had Nursery Rhyme’s fragment pegged for later. It was going to be the Disney World vacation, but I decided it’s too far out to hold out for that long. It made a decent fit here anyway, and there’s always another potential child servant or alternate view for that fragment. Far, far down the road though.

Hopefully I’ll get the next one out before Christmas, or on Christmas. Time will tell.

Teaser: Halloween was better. There was lots more fun and excitement compared to this other human holiday, but she guessed there were merits to it. Any time spent with Shuten? Gratifying enough, sure. The tributes and delicious candies were also good. So she supposed Christmas wasn’t so bad, just like her stay here was surprisingly… satisfying, all frustrations considered.

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