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Fragment 105 Insight

I’ve been looking forward to writing this fragment for a long while, so much so that the early plants setup were first laid around Shinjuku singularity. I wanted to have a few key actors in place before I could spin this turning point fragment,… Continue Reading “Fragment 105 Insight”

Fragment 13 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

Ah, the original Fragment 13… There’s getting egg on your face, and then there’s pouring the entire carton down your backside. Of all the fragments I’ve ever written, this one was hands down the biggest mistake I’d ever committed too. I’m glad it was… Continue Reading “Fragment 13 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”

Fragment 65 Insight

While I spoil a lot of things in Fate/, I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything as thoroughly as I have Hollow Ataraxia in this entry. It was a necessity though. There were multiple ways to go with Angra Mainyu. Considering his my room lines… Continue Reading “Fragment 65 Insight”

Fragment 26 Insight

I wasn’t kidding when I said it involved a saint and religion, nor did I lie when I said Alters wouldn’t get summoned to Chaldea due to being duplicates. It’s all in the wording, and Jeanne Alter just happened to be the loophole among… Continue Reading “Fragment 26 Insight”