Fragment 115 Insight

I revised this fragment more times than I can count. Honestly never had this much issue writing an entry before, but Skyler was a thin line of success and a miss. He’s not supposed to feel cliché, even if everything created these days is probably a cliché at this point. He’s supposed to feel real, as all the other OCs were. Shining highlights and faults alike. Delaqua’s stupid strong but she’s also not the brightest bulb in the house. Naomi’s an overworking tailor who grew into a pretty capable magus.

Skyler’s the veteran who’s managed to hold himself together despite all he’s seen. Not drinking himself under the table for regrets, but to celebrate with comrades. Not letting those inner demons get to him. Humble yet skilled, his personal skillset is impressive if he wasn’t surrounded by supernatural powerhouses. It’s no wonder he sees his own shining spots as relatively useless as a master, yet time will tell as he says. He’s cynical about what the world will offer, but optimistic he can help forge a brighter step forward however he can.

Seems straightforward, but endless cycle of “head in the clouds” I wanted to make a hallmark of his character was where things got difficult. One misstep, and anyone could claim he’s just another edgy “I’ve seen too much shit” kind of guy. Too much in the other direction and it’ll feel like he looks past all the difficulties he’s lived through way too easily. The line between was very fine but I intended to make it, even if this wound up being a ridiculously long entry as a result.

That did allow for plenty of servant showcasings. I wanted to show how he gravitated towards those who accepted him, but that he was also willing to go to those willing to discuss why they’re neutral or disinterested. The Knights for one, who aren’t perfectly content he’s a sparkly clean master like the other three. I wanted to show more but this would’ve just dragged on further to make the same points I could’ve on Skyler’s own refinement journey. This is only the beginning of his real endeavor to find his mark as a Chaldean master. That’s why some of the background stuff is still a bit vague.

As a final note (since I believe the fragment nailed mostly everything), I’m sure there are many who are a bit disappointed the summoned servant was a three star. It’s planned and meaningful though. A bit of a tip of the hat to the gacha not giving everyone a five star, but also a very much needed set piece. It should be pretty damn easy to tell where this master-servant bond is going from a reader’s perspective.

P.S. – If you want a better visual on the Stitch Witchs’ new uniform, it’s pretty much just recolorings of Lisa’s outfit in Genshin Impact. First time I saw it I thought it looked like an amazingly fashionable witch outfit. Something the fashionistas would absolutely approve of for them.

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