Fragment 108 Insight

Rather tricky one to balance and keep contained considering it offered a glimpse into FoC’s version of Onigashima. I believed this variation of the event would prove to be a mixed way to poke development into two arcs at once, even if Raikou’s wasn’t as fully fleshed out as it could’ve been. It still had to be Ushi’s fragment in the end.

So it was only fitting a lot of it revolved around combat and battle. She’s famous for it, and it’s what she understands best. To that end, even her decision making and the chapter’s tone leans towards warlike tendencies with an emphasis on her drawback: Not the best in social situations. There were plenty of opportunities for that to shine too.

At the sacrifice of showing Ushiwakamaru with many other characters, I focused it in on the Eastern servants since they get a mixed bag of screen time. Raikou, Tomoe, and Benkei were more direct for obvious reasons, but, again, it was to emphasize the focus and tone of battle and loyalty.

Like with Anishka, Skyler gets a bit more of a development show too. Like the many drops before, I wanted to ensure new pieces of information are dropped accordingly so you feel like you’re learning more about who he might be as a leader in tandem with the servants. Even the little actions I bury in the detail help color an individual, but if you’ve read this far into my series you should be very well aware I do that.

The ending wasn’t as conclusive or traditional as it could’ve been, but this series is far from standard by premise alone. It still irks me, but I keep telling myself an ‘unresolved’ ending is allowed every now and then.

I honestly don’t have too much to say about this fragment compared to more recent ones since it’s so straightforward. Just to fluff this, here’s a bit of trivia: The delay was partially because I wasn’t satisfied with how the first and second draft turned out, so I sent it to SKYS early for a check. He said it was fine, but I still tweaked a few things so it settled my own displeasure.

Teaser: Umu! The next glorious day had arrived in Chaldea, and with it, the long-awaited event! Though she too is taking part, she can’t help but feel the tinges of uncertainty and hesitation echoing within her heart. There was no mistake she indulged herself, but her self-awareness had only grown heavier after so many remembered iterations. Yet, still she smiled and sought only the best for her current Roman citizens!

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