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Fragment 108 Insight

Rather tricky one to balance and keep contained considering it offered a glimpse into FoC’s version of Onigashima. I believed this variation of the event would prove to be a mixed way to poke development into two arcs at once, even if Raikou’s wasn’t… Continue Reading “Fragment 108 Insight”

Fragment 14 Insight (Revisited)

After a work trip and several weeks to think about an anon’s wakup call review, I’d started taking the series a bit more seriously. The first glimpses of planning ahead, interlacing stories, and so forth. The biggest take was the focus on a single… Continue Reading “Fragment 14 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 99 Insight

Many of you are probably expecting Fragment 100 to be the special one, but honestly, Fragment 99 would technically be the big 1-0-0 since the prologue counts. That said, both were planned to be pretty nice with their own twists, but 99 gets the… Continue Reading “Fragment 99 Insight”

Fragment 97 Insight

It’s been a long time since I got to make a truly suspenseful cliffhanger. I hope it’s not a terrible two weeks for those who have to wait. Though, now that I think about it, it’s also finals in some parts so the focus… Continue Reading “Fragment 97 Insight”

Fragment 81 Insight

I honestly had to get a few opinions and show others this fragment ahead of time just to make sure I got a bunch of otaku and anime/game references right. Yes, yes, believe it or not, I have almost no clue what I’m doing… Continue Reading “Fragment 81 Insight”

Fragment 77 Insight

If you weren’t expecting at least one “Wassup my homies”, I don’t know what to tell you. The tricky part about Marie is that she can essentially get along well with almost anyone, so the potential to show everyone was high. I managed to… Continue Reading “Fragment 77 Insight”

Fragment 66 Insight

Following the newly transitioned trend, another light-hearted fragment arrives! Nothing crazy or hectic to discover. All straightforward and obvious, and a touch fluffy. Boudica’s fragment did have the potential for drama considered her grudge with the Romans, but I decided not to go with… Continue Reading “Fragment 66 Insight”

Fragment 56 Insight

The hardest part about writing a fragment about Medb is trying to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be 110% sexual content. That’s a tall order already, but I managed by exploring the other facets of her that are interesting. She’s a domineering… Continue Reading “Fragment 56 Insight”

Fragment 54 Insight

Let’s start this off with the obvious. Almost every single ‘summoning fragment’ prior to this one has been over the course of a few days, showing how the servant in particular adapts to their surroundings. Dantes’ is the longest by far over the course… Continue Reading “Fragment 54 Insight”

Fragment 48 Insight

Feels good to be back to Slice of Life. But before we fully seat ourselves in the true presence, there was one more elephant in the room to address. Due to the focus being on Gilgamesh, Medusa was left out, so it was only… Continue Reading “Fragment 48 Insight”