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Fragment 110 Insight

While it was easy enough to make Nursery Rhyme’s another sugar-overload fragment, I wanted it to be a blend of other possibilities too. Nothing sad for the holidays, but enough to show Nursery Rhyme’s many other potential sides since she’s not exactly a true… Continue Reading “Fragment 110 Insight”

Fragment 102 Insight

Another sort of relaxing chapter with some hidden undertones. I wish to give readers that flavors they wish to taste before I start pouring on the feel trips that are coming soon. In fact, it’s practically one after the other, which is quite a… Continue Reading “Fragment 102 Insight”

Fragment 18 Insight (Revisited)

This fragment was originally inspired by watching that related Prillya episode where Kuro and Illya had a cook-off. I realize that, yes, it can be roughly assumed Illya and Kuro see each other as close sisters by the time Chaldea rescues them, but I… Continue Reading “Fragment 18 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 96 Insight

Now the fun begins with one of the darker subplots for the series. It will be handled rather quickly compared to most, and the urgency obviously has a lot to do with it. It’s my goal that it will help develop the characters swiftly… Continue Reading “Fragment 96 Insight”

Fragment 95 Insight

Fresh from Medea’s entry filled with paranoia and second guessing comes… Scheherazade with even more paranoia and crippling fear. Starting Season 5 on a somewhat gloomy, yet uplifting, note. There was less foreshadowing this time around because I needed to focus a lot more… Continue Reading “Fragment 95 Insight”

Fragment 94 Insight

And again. The word creep struck. But I wanted to get a mix of information drops in here while ensuring this fragment stayed firmly Medea in outlook and design. It was a perfect spot for her fragment to show just how relaxed she is…… Continue Reading “Fragment 94 Insight”

Fragment 87 Insight

First fragment to take part partially during a primary singularity… for obvious reasons why. I thought it’d be nice to show how Chaldea is like while the main force is away. Though a more relaxed singularity compared to the ones they dealt with before,… Continue Reading “Fragment 87 Insight”

Fragment 85 Insight

Another vacation fragment, and 2/2 on touching rougher themes. This time I balanced it out with a lot more scenic wanderlust though. If you properly recall, Geronimo and Arjuna had a little talk way back in the latter’s fragment about inner wolves. Obviously, that… Continue Reading “Fragment 85 Insight”

Fragment 72 Insight

Designing this fragment was a pain, mostly because it had two stories going at the same time. I had to make a play, and then I had Shakespeare’s dilemma. I just hope it wasn’t too confusing considering the amount of temporary names thrown about,… Continue Reading “Fragment 72 Insight”

Fragment 61 Insight

This was one of the fragments I was looking forward to writing because Nitocris is such a fun, mixed bag. She’s prideful, but she’s also hiding some very colorful emotions and feelings underneath all that. Couple that with the amazing 2017 “Imperial Garment” that… Continue Reading “Fragment 61 Insight”