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Omar Ali

Former Vigil Engineer,Now Chaldean Engineering Division Debut: Fragment 86Affiliation: Task Force Vigilance, ChaldeaEducation: Middle School, Edison’s Tutelage Heritage: Syrian, Born and RaisedAge: 14Height: 154cm Hair: Dark BrownEyes: Teal Likes: Piano, Contemporary Music, MathematicsDislikes: Senseless Warfare, SeafoodFears: Isolation/LonelinessFavorite Color: Light Blue Key Personality Traits: Second Guesser,… Continue Reading “Omar Ali”

Fragment 15 Insight (Revisited)

This entry was one of the last ones I made where focus was split between multiple groups, but wasn’t a holiday or special fragment by design. Its overall theme remained the same: Gudao has a day off now that Gabrielle is a fellow master… Continue Reading “Fragment 15 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 12 Insight (Revisited)

It was a gamble back then, but it was one I was glad I took anyway. I remain very vigilant on what I do with my OCs and what role they play. First and foremost, they remain in supportive roles unless it’s their own… Continue Reading “Fragment 12 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 11 Insight (Revisited)

I didn’t have very man overall plans for the series back in 2016, but if there was one I always had, it was this: Both Gudao and Gudako would be masters. Most would pick one or the other. I thought multiple would be a… Continue Reading “Fragment 11 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 5 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

They’re few and far between, but some fragments do shed a spotlight on staff as opposed to servants. They’re different OCs created to fill different niches and perspectives to allow a greater understanding of Chaldea as a whole. The staff play an integral part… Continue Reading “Fragment 5 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”

Elsa Santini

Chaldean Wellness Specialist Debut: Fragment 77Affiliation: Quality of Life DivisionEducation: Doctorate in Psychology (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) Heritage: Italian, Born and RaisedAge: 28Height: 173cm Hair: Light BrownEyes: Greenish Blue Likes: Children, Family, CatholicismDislikes: Internet and Media Toxicity, WarFears: Anything bad happening to her sonFavorite… Continue Reading “Elsa Santini”

Anishka Sharma

The 50th Chaldean Master Nicknames: Annie Debut Fragment: 33Previous Affiliation: Leyshift DivisionEducation: Graduate of University of San Francisco, Doctorate in NursingLanguages: Indian, Hindu, English (Fluent with accent) Heritage: Pure Indian, Born and Raised.Birthday: January 7th, 1990Age at the beginning of Series: 24Height: 165cm Hair: BlackEyes:… Continue Reading “Anishka Sharma”

Gabrielle Rutherford

The 49th Chaldean Master Nicknames: Gabby, Gudako Debut Fragment: 8Previous Affiliation: Magecraft Division, Summoning DepartmentEducation: High School Diploma, One year at the Mage’s AssociationLanguages: English Heritage: Irish-British. Raised in United States.Birthday: September 24th, 1994, Born in BritainAge at the beginning of Series: 19Height: 154cm Hair:… Continue Reading “Gabrielle Rutherford”

Valeria Delaqua

Furniture Department Supervisor,and blooming Legendary Fighter Debut Fragment: 36Affiliation: Logistics Division Education: Technical School Heritage: Russian, Raised in AustraliaAge: 28Height: 166cmHair: Fiery RedEyes: Pale Green Likes: Marathons, Children, Large CheeseburgersDislikes: Body shaming, Instagram, How unhealthy Cheeseburgers areFears: RidiculeFavorite Color: Red Key Personality Traits: Very self-conscious, Hard Working,… Continue Reading “Valeria Delaqua”

Rena (Designation R1-N4)

Former Prototype Robot,Now Serenity’s Little Assistant Debut Fragment: 32Affiliation: Robotics WorkforceEducation: Limited only by her storage capacity and experiences Age: A few monthsSize: 35cm diameter circle (chassis)Chasis Color: Lilac Likes: Being around people, PlayingDislikes: Being left out, Not getting her wayFears: LonelinessFavorite Color: All… Continue Reading “Rena (Designation R1-N4)”