Fragment 11 Insight (Revisited)

I didn’t have very man overall plans for the series back in 2016, but if there was one I always had, it was this: Both Gudao and Gudako would be masters. Most would pick one or the other. I thought multiple would be a good twist, and I don’t regret that decision. My only caveat was that Gudako would be a nickname, since Gudao was already a weird name back then even before he became Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Since every fragment back then didn’t even have a ‘centralized’ servant until Arturia’s fragment, I wasn’t focused too hard on viewpoints and introspection. Hilariously, I was more focused on way-too detailed descriptions with appearances and introductions; Something remedied from here on. So, this fragment needed a bit of a rework to feel more like Gabrielle’s since it had several other viewpoints within it.

Now it feels far more like Gabrielle’s actual fragment while still world building. As usual, it introduces some new rooms, other servants who have been present, and now some additional thought and beliefs on a new master and their take on what they need to do.

The background for Gabrielle remained unchanged since I was satisfied with it. Being best friends with Gudao, their shared upbringing, and her personality disposition were heavily used in many later entries, so those were untweakable anyway. She’s also far more assertive, happy-go-lucky, and impulsive, so those were merely further elaborated here. Last thing I ever want to do is pull a retcon on my own work. So I just worked to tweak and shift things accordingly to bring everything further into line.

As one final curious note, I decided variations of the summoning chant would be used to recognize a master for Chaldea rather than summoning the servant itself. It would sort of feel like the entire system acknowledging they’re worthy of the task, or you could believe it’s just another ostentatious exaggeration by mages to feel even more prestigious. Either works really.

Whatever the case, from here on, Gabrielle was sure to become a big staple of the series, with all her quirks and grievances in tow.

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