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Omar Ali

Former Vigil Engineer,Now Chaldean Engineering Division Debut: Fragment 86Affiliation: Task Force Vigilance, ChaldeaEducation: Middle School, Edison’s Tutelage Heritage: Syrian, Born and RaisedAge: 14Height: 154cm Hair: Dark BrownEyes: Teal Likes: Piano, Contemporary Music, MathematicsDislikes: Senseless Warfare, SeafoodFears: Isolation/LonelinessFavorite Color: Light Blue Key Personality Traits: Second Guesser,… Continue Reading “Omar Ali”

Fragment 92 Insight

I knew long before I would write this one that it would be unorthodox compared to the vast majority. For one, it’s the first fragment from an outsider’s point of view. Saber Alter is still Vigil and has no true connection to Chaldea other… Continue Reading “Fragment 92 Insight”

Fragment 86 Insight

You can 100-per-cent rest assured Vanguard will not let those two poor soldiers, who were chased by Spartacus in that god awful swimsuit, EVER live it down. Scarring images aside, this fragment surprised me. It was probably the most difficult one to write, mostly because I… Continue Reading “Fragment 86 Insight”

Skyler Albanese

Vanguard Platoon’s Attached Master Debut: Supplement IV EquilibriumAffiliation: Task Force VigilanceEducation: High School DiplomaRank: Sergeant First Class Heritage: German-Italian-American, Raised in the US.Age: 30Height: 185cm Hair: BlackEyes: Cerulean Special Status: Vigil MasterServant: Saber – Arturia Pendragon Alter Likes: Country, Coffee, FishingDislikes: Overtime, Firewatch, SnowFears: ClownsFavorite… Continue Reading “Skyler Albanese”

Sergei Romanov

Captain of the Vigil’s Vanguard Platoon Debut: Supplement IV EquilibriumAffiliation: Task Force VigilanceEducation: REDACTEDRank: Captain Heritage: RussianAge: 31Height: 243cm Hair: BrownEyes: Ice Blue Likes: Martial Arts, Dancing, ComraderyDislikes: Disorder, TraitorsFears: UnknownFavorite Color: Green Key Personality Traits: Motivational, Dependable, FriendlySpecialty: Inspiring LeadershipHobbies: Wrestling, Boxing Closest Companions (Bond… Continue Reading “Sergei Romanov”