Rena (Designation R1-N4)

Former Prototype Robot,
Now Serenity’s Little Assistant

Debut Fragment: 32
Affiliation: Robotics Workforce
Education: Limited only by her storage capacity and experiences

Age: A few months
Size: 35cm diameter circle (chassis)
Chasis Color: Lilac

Likes: Being around people, Playing
Dislikes: Being left out, Not getting her way
Fears: Loneliness
Favorite Color: All of them

Key Personality Traits: Hyperactive, Childish
Specialty: Antidote Dispenser
Hobbies: Helping Serenity paint, teasing Tyler

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Serenity
Bond 9Frankenstein, Hundred Face, Cursed Arm, Yedda
Bond 8Babbage, Da Vinci, Tomoe
Bond 7Astolfo, Chaldea’s Children
Bond 6King Hassan, Shuten
OCsAnton, Tyler

As a prototype from Babbage and Da Vinci’s curiosity, Rena was often left alone on a shelf. After it came came to life of its own accord, it hid in Serenity’s room where it quickly bonded with the sad assassin. They became absolute friends, keeping each other company as the robot’s life-like personality programming began to bloom.

With Da Vinci’s permission, Rena was reprogrammed and refitted to become Serenity’s ideal assistant. She holds the only antidote for Serenity’s poison which is administered by a dart gun embedded in her chassis. Inseparable, both as friends and by need, the robot’s goal and desire is to learn as much as it can about living a life while enjoying the company it keeps.

She’s been receiving a few upgrades over the course of her operational span. Despite rumors of the Vigil having experimental androids, she prefers her “cute, tiny body that Serenity can hug and carry easily.” Thanks to their closeness, the other Hassans have become very fond of the little robot who loves teasing Tyler.

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