Anishka Sharma

The 50th Chaldean Master

Nicknames: Annie

Debut Fragment: 33
Previous Affiliation: Leyshift Division
Education: Graduate of University of San Francisco, Doctorate in Nursing
Languages: Indian, Hindu, English (Fluent with accent)

Heritage: Pure Indian, Born and Raised.
Birthday: January 7th, 1990
Age at the beginning of Series: 24
Height: 165cm 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Onyx

Mage Heritage: 28th Generation, Mantra Magecraft
Magic Circuits: 50, High Quality
Element: Water
Origin: Cleanse
Notable Magecraft Capabilities: Top Tier Healing and Curing Magecraft, Nothing Else

Likes: Hinduism, The Ocean, Most Water Activities
Dislikes: Disrespect, Underhanded Actions, Total Selfishness
Fears: Unacceptance, Prejudice
Favorite Color: Sapphire

Key Personality Traits: Altruistic, Respectful, Religious, Reverent, Kind
Specialties: Calm/controlled in the worst situations, Incredible Focus
Hobbies: Jet Skiing, Free Diving, Swimming, Sailing

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Rama, Sita, Arjuna
Bond 9Karna, Raikou
Bond 8Nightingale, Da Vinci, Parvati
Bond 7Anne and Mary, Jekyll, Scheherazade
Bond 6Irisviel, David, Passionlip
OCsGabby, Gudao, Naomi, Elsa

Though Anishka was born into a prestigious Indian magus line, she was raised differently from traditional magus thinking at the Clock Tower. Every day involved practicing their magecraft, religious traditions, and learning how to properly help others. Though her life was already planned since her birth, she didn’t dislike it. Rather, her mother was excited Anishka was so genuinely excited to continue the family’s tradition of Altruistic healing and become a doctor.

The big families there barely gave her family any notable credibility due to the perceived ‘heresy’ of their magecraft applications. To the public, they were seen as miracle healers who cleansed the injuries of all who visited their temple. In truth, they were just a long-standing magus lineage of the Brahmin Caste that have barely shifted their practice since two millenia ago.

She had very few problems growing up due to her beauty, kindness, and grace, but she was troubled in her love life. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her when she wasn’t feeling any powerful emotions for those she dated. It was only when she went for schooling in the United States did she inevitably experiment and found her heart yearned for women. It troubled her to no end because of how homosexuals were seen in India, and she hid it from everyone. It became an ever-growing regret and secret she still hides from all.

Anishka was brought to Chaldea after her graduation. She worked with her father in the Medical Bay under Doctor Roman until the Fuyuki Incident. Since then, though traumatized for a month, she was reassigned to Leyshift staff. She helped there until the search for another Master of Chaldea began, and they found she was qualified with 100% Leyshift Compatibility. Since then, she’s become known as the kindest, sweetest Master of Chaldea with the highest-grade supporting abilities.

Even if she’s well-accepted, her greatest boon is her problem. Anishka is far too respectful, and is often a doormat that doesn’t know how to say no. Her orders often feel more like hopeful requests than actual orders. Rama, Arjuna, Karna, and Sita wind up having to back her up on her orders at times with more prideful and questioning servants. Due to the nature of most of her magecraft, she’s also completely incapable of defending herself, though the tradeoff is healing capabilities on par with some servants.

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