Valeria Delaqua

Furniture Department Supervisor,
and blooming Legendary Fighter

Debut Fragment: 36
Affiliation: Logistics Division 
Education: Technical School

Heritage: Russian, Raised in Australia
Age: 28
Height: 166cm
Hair: Fiery Red
Eyes: Pale Green

Likes: Marathons, Children, Large Cheeseburgers
Dislikes: Body shaming, Instagram, How unhealthy Cheeseburgers are
Fears: Ridicule
Favorite Color: Red

Key Personality Traits: Very self-conscious, Hard Working, Reserved, Tempermental
Specialty: Wood and Metalworking
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Weightlifting

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Leonidas
Bond 9Quetzalcoatl, Spartacus, Penthesilea
Bond 8Beowulf, Hundred Face
Bond 7Martha, Anne & Mary, Kuro
Bond 6Xuanzang, Li, Janna, Yedda, Jack
OCsTyler, Naomi, Sergei, Elsa

The most physically fit regular human in Chaldea, and Supervisor of the Furniture Department. She became very self-conscious of her body due to being overweight in her childhood; This was a point of miscommunication between her and Gabrielle. Regardless of her current physical fitness, jokes or misheard comments about her body are taken very seriously to the point she holds grudges.

She is very hard working but mostly reserved until she’s allowed to show off her favorite hobby/activity: Martial Arts. She has a habit of getting way too into it though, since it’s one of the few things where she doesn’t have lingering self confidence issues. With help from others, she’s finally gaining control over her usually flashfire temperament and confidence issues.

After her spectacular run with the grail during the final confrontation against Goetia, her self-esteem skyrocketed. She’d been receiving training sessions from her closest friends ever since to try and reach new heights of physical fitness. She’s also partially become an adrenaline junky who seeks exhilarating fights to show off her newfound prowess.

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