Elsa Santini

Chaldean Wellness Specialist

Debut: Fragment 77
Affiliation: Quality of Life Division
Education: Doctorate in Psychology (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)

Heritage: Italian, Born and Raised
Age: 28
Height: 173cm 
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Greenish Blue

Likes: Children, Family, Catholicism
Dislikes: Internet and Media Toxicity, War
Fears: Anything bad happening to her son
Favorite Color: Blue

Key Personality Traits: Motherly, Caring, occasionally fearful
Specialty: Mental and Emotional Therapy
Hobbies: Knitting, Helping at the Church

Key Personality Traits: Altruistic, Respectful, Religious, Reverent, Kind
Specialties: Calm/controlled in the worst situations, Incredible Focus
Hobbies: Jet Skiing, Free Diving, Swimming, Sailing

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Nightingale, Raikou
Bond 9Martha, Medea, Boudica
Bond 8Vlad, Amakusa, Jeanne, George
Bond 7Mata Hari, Irisviel, Atalanta, Da Vinci
Bond 6 Romulus, Nero, Cleopatra, Caesar, Caligula
OCsNaomi, Delaqua, Anishka

After being invited by Da Vinci at her uncle Leandre’s insistence, Elsa dared to be one of the first new employees to travel all the way to Antarctica for a job. Her circumstances remain mysterious, but most understand she was running away from financial problems. Due to her friendly and helpful personality, plus her adorable baby, Giovanni, she was quickly considered a Chaldean Celebrity.

They say no one has a heart of gold like mothers, but Elsa stands taller above the rest. Often doing too much to help out those she’s come to like, she’s known for often forgetting her own wellbeing. Even so, any little trouble with her baby has her running to his side immediately in panic. Some call it a mother’s true love, but some feel there’s more to that fear she isn’t revealing.

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