Omar Ali

Former Vigil Engineer,
Now Chaldean Engineering Division

Fragment 86 – Fragment 102 Looks
Fragment 103 and Beyond

Debut: Fragment 86
Affiliation: Task Force Vigilance, Chaldea
Education: Middle School, Edison’s Tutelage

Heritage: Syrian, Born and Raised
Age: 14
Height: 154cm 
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Teal

Likes: Piano, Contemporary Music, Mathematics
Dislikes: Senseless Warfare, Seafood
Fears: Isolation/Loneliness
Favorite Color: Light Blue

Key Personality Traits: Second Guesser, Romanticist, Keen, Loyal
Specialty: Learning Complex Things Quickly
Hobbies: Legos, Building Things, Minecraft

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10
Bond 9Kiyohime
Bond 8Artesia, Edison
Bond 7Mozart, Marie
Bond 6Mata Hari, Nightingale
OCsSkyler, Sergei, Elsa, Pritchard

A smart kid with a mundane life, Omar lost his immediate family during the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The Vigil’s Vanguard Platoon, operating secretly at the time, rescued him from an active warzone. While attempting to find extended family to return him to, they discovered his skill with mathematics and difficult concepts. They found several close family members finding refuge in France, but he expressed his desire to help the Vigil’s pursuit of peace a little less hypocritical.

While being tutored as one of the Vigil Edison’s proteges, he was burned and blinded in a maintenance accident involving an Angel’s hypersonic thruster. After much discussion, he was sent to Chaldea with Vanguard Platoon in hopes of an operation. Over the lengthy waiting period due to complications, he befriended and quickly grew a crush on Kiyohime for all her assistance during his current disability. The crush was mutual.

With his vision restored, he now is now Chaldean staff and a Vigil representative. His current course is to improve his skills and knowledge involving futuristic technology. Since he no longer must conform to regimental standards of the Vigil, his quickly-growing facial hair is trimmed less. Thanks to those family genes genes, he looks much older than he actually is, but his higher pitched voice serves as an alternate reminder.

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