Gabrielle Rutherford

The 49th Chaldean Master

Nicknames: Gabby, Gudako

Debut Fragment: 8
Previous Affiliation: Magecraft Division, Summoning Department
Education: High School Diploma, One year at the Mage’s Association
Languages: English

Heritage: Irish-British. Raised in United States.
Birthday: September 24th, 1994, Born in Britain
Age at the beginning of Series: 19
Height: 154cm 
Hair: Reddish-Orange
Eyes: Golden

Mage Heritage: 3rd Generation, Firedancer Magecraft
Magic Circuits: 21, Fair Quality
Element: Fire
Origin: Impulsive
Notable Magecraft Capabilities: Fire Casting and Manipulation, Heavy Reinforcement

Likes: Coffee, Socializing, Making Friends, Parties, Helping Others
Dislikes: Social Drama, Paperwork, Seeing Discontent
Fears: Losing Friendships
Favorite Color: Blue

Key Personality Traits: Passionate, Reckless, Stubborn, Affectionate, Short-Sighted
Specialties: Close Combat, Acting with Confidence
Hobbies: Television Shows, Sun Bathing, Raising Animals

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Medb, Scathach
Bond 9Cu, Diarmuid, Fergus, Fionn, Suzuka
Bond 8Quetzalcoatl, Ereshkigal, Moriarty
Bond 7Serenity, Kiyohime, Jack, Nursery Rhyme, Atalanta, Kuro
Bond 6Da Vinci, Tamamo, Paul, Mata Hari, Arash, Yedda, Illya, Marie
OCsGudao, Anishka, Tyler, Delaqua, Skyler

Gabrielle moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the timid neighbor, Gudao Fujimaru. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

As someone who wore every emotion on her sleeve like a badge, Gabrielle acts on her intuition and desire to set things right. She cares deeply for those she loves, and she staunchly defended and helped Gudao in their early years. Her spitfire nature had a tendency to bring her into drama, but she still remained one of their school’s most popular girls because of her loyalty. The teachers didn’t appreciate her willingness to literally fight for those she cared for though.

Her magus family line is promising, though still fledgling. Her Magic Crest was inherited from her father, and contains her family’s current expertise on manipulating fire without causing damage to oneself. She adapted it further by using it to enhance her chosen fighting style: Close Combat through reinforcement and elemental attunement. It’s high risk, and many classmate mages at the Clock Tower scoffed at the ridiculousness… until they got hit with it the self-defense classes.

Though she qualified as a Master Candidate, she was only accepted into Chaldea as a temporary Magus Employee for the summer. She still came to watch over Gudao and ensure he was fine around the “elitists.” She wound up becoming Chaldea’s 49th Master after Gudao finally stopped trying to shoulder everything.

Her forward attitude and willingness to do what’s necessary to set things right in her eyes has caused friction on several occasions. All the servants are wary how stubborn and seemingly reckless she can be, but no one doubts she’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. They’re also aware her actions mean well, even if the outcomes aren’t exactly what anyone was expecting. Though universally accepted, she’s the polarizing wild card of the Chaldean masters.  

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